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Hi my name is memorable dove and I am going to be talking about the future of work in this post. There are three predictions of work; gig economy, remote working and automation. I will be focusing on remote working which is working away from an office or workplace which usually takes place at home.

However remote working might not be ideal for all the types of work. Industries work at factories which have the proper machinery for them to use. If they work from home they do not have the proper instruments or facilities which are required. Other jobs like marketing and farming will struggle to be open because they don't have the suitable place to work. It is more likely for those businesses to close. This means people will start to lose jobs and businesses would start to shut down leaving a huge hole in our economy.

In contrast to that, remote working can have many opportunities. Office workers will have a lot of extra time at home where they can fit in family or other activities they enjoy. Another thing is that they can save a lot of money they used to use on travels on family or charity. They don’t have to stress on the importance of being on time at work and rushing everything. The vital thing is that they will be safe from the virus when they are a home not in contact with anyone.

It is now common that people would say that the pandemic is a turning point because it has had a powerful affect on everyone. It has caused amounts of businesses and companies to shut down and lose an awful lot of money. Let’s not forget that other businesses have had to close off and unemployed workers which has made them struggle a lot of the time and might even still in the future. However other businesses like online shopping have really boosted their business because some people are still afraid of going out in the pandemic. TV shows have really had a great turnout because people have been bored and they have needed the entertainment that they have brought.

The pandemic has really promoted remote working because in the two lockdowns we have had people have had no choice but to still work online and get paid in order for them to stay alive. I think in the future we would use remote working more than we have every now and then to make sure that people are still safe. I don't think we should get used to it because businesses are in jeopardy and this is just making them struggle more.

Lastly, I would like to explain why these skills, listening, speaking, problem solving and creativity, are important for workers to have. I think that listening is a great quality because you need to know how you can improve and listen to ideas of other people. Speaking helps you communicate with other people to see if you agree with them or if you don't and how you can come to a decision. Problem solving is a little similar to speaking but doesn't always involve it. Problem solving is trying to figure out a way to do something. Creativity is what makes ideas, it's really important because without it we would really struggle to make anything exist.

I think creativity Is an important skill for the future of work because we're going to need to find a way to make things that are going to help us in the future and how we can live our lives in a way similar to normal.

I hope you have read and enjoyed my post


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