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Hello im ambitious_avocado and I’m talking about automation they are making people loose their jobs because of robotics people won’t earn money because they don’t hav a job to go to.

They could set up there own job we’re robots will not take over and also if people don’t want to make there own job they is more jobs were robots can’t take over for example cleaner you could also work or in a care home and help old people.

They are more people what could do more automated calls were they can go on face time or call to work.Its also good beca people can not build any more robots to make people loose their job.

An engineer will need listening skills because they might have to listen to each other’s ideas.Next they will need speaking skills to talk to each other and tell people there ideas.Also they need problem solving skills because if they make something they need to make sure nothing goes wrong with it.Finally they need creativity to make new invention.

I think listening is the most important because all of them need to listen to each other and share ideas to come up with something .

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