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I'm strong_dragonfruit and today I will be having a discussion about how badly receptionist are treated and what I think their future might be!

NHS receptionists

The hospital receptionist are treated so badly because lots of people who come to hospitals are very impatient and are in a lot of pain. They are most likely to impatient to wait for their turn beca they don't understand that their are more serious issues than them. The receptionist are also put through a lot of pressure because they have to file reports and the computers at hospitals don't always work as we have recently learnt in Burnet News.

School receptionist

School receptionist are constantly bugged by worried parents and deliveries. I know this from experience as being a student. The office ladies at our school are so nice and there is nothing more that they need because they have amazing space and good working time.

The future of receptionist

I think that in the future, you should treat NHS receptionists better next time you see them and they should get much better working equipmen. School receptionist just need an ease of stress as their job is very stressful.

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  • katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
    18 Dec 2020

    You're right, strong_dragonfruit: receptionists are very important to lots of businesses! Do you think it's fair to assume that all hospital receptionists are "treated so badly" and that all school receptionists "are constantly bugged" but have everything they need?

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  • strong_dragonfruit | Whyteleafe School B
    19 Dec 2020

    I think that it depends what hospital you work at, what type of treatment they use and how busy it is! Some school receptionist are bugged and have all the resources but some aren’t bugged and don’t have the resources. I was just writing about my knowledge

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