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Hello and welcome to resilient_cymbals news report

today I am answering some of your question that relate to Robots .

How might Robits create problems in the futur ?

Well they could get hacked stop working when we need them most and cause more climit change. When robots stop working we could have a spare to stop that all robots have to have a off button if hacked .we could use sola power for the robots .

By useing robots it could be an opportunity to relieve stress from those who work day in day out really hard and it's good to help people's mental health and for example if you're really struggling with something and have a family with you you could have a robot who can be the program to help with all of that.

Why do some people think the pandamic a turning point for work?

Lots of people think the pandemic is a turning point for work because lots more people are doing stuff at home using Zoom and doing all the work from home without going out so they to lthe safe

Some people have gotten more colleagues and some people are using more technologies that problems.

how will the pandemic cause problems ?

The pandemic can cause problems because someone about to go out some people can't have us to do their work they can't work from home so they're out risking their lives to help other people

evryone in the pandemic should have these skills

1. resilient

2. thoughtful

3. trustworthy

4.And never ever ever giving up

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