Do robots live up to human expectations?

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Since there has been a new topic I have been wondering do robots live up to our expectations? I think that some robots do and some don't .

why do they not live up to our expectations?

Think about it there is a robot that builds cars . This robot has been programmed wrong . It has been programmed to put the pieces in what was thought to be the right places but is really the wrong . Everyone thinks that they are right . It gets taken for a test drive and is fine. When sold they go driving on the moterway then they go 10,000 miles and the steering wheel gose really hard to move . Then they look at the programming and find out that it is wrong the whole time . This also could affect loads of other cars . Also this may mean that millions of people get made redundant or fired because their job would get taken over by robots . It means that they could go homeless if they can not find a job.

why do they live up to our expectations?

Swich board operators

This job was created by a technology revolution the days of manual telephone switchboards are gone. In the olden days a switchboard operator would have to physically connect calls by inserting phone plugs into the relevant cables . They would also be able to participate in the call. In the largest exchanges, supervisors whizzed around to keep up with all of their staff. Switchboard operators still exist within organisations today, although the systems are completely computerised.

Bowling pin collector

We often take for granted the fact that all bowling alleys have machines to pick up our fallen pins and put them back in an organised way - as well as computers keeping track of our scores on a screen . earlier times, a bowling alley pinsetter would be waiting at the end to pick up all the knocked-down pins and put them back in place. It could be a dangerous job if the players weren't paying attention!

so in clonclusion they could but they can sometimes do better than other robots

what side would you take ?

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