Could robots help us beat the virus??

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Now, as some of us already now there has been a very horrible disease going around named the coronavirus. Well coronavirus has had a huge impact on the world. Well I was thinking could robots help us beat the virus? Well here is what I think will happen in the future!


The reason why I think that robot could help us during the virus well is because, just recently our sientist in the UK had announced that they might of found a new vaccine. After everyopne heard, people decided to go ahead and try out the vew vaccine that could possibly be 1o0% possitive.

So I thought, Why not robots help with that. Robots could help us because they could help by putting out equitment that others need to put,make or creata the vaccine. They could also help by storing the vaccines in boxes or place were they store the vaccines. I think roboys could do a great jobs at this but at the same time I don't.


The reson why I also think robots might not do a great job at this is well because, Maybe they might not be programmed to do the things that they need to do. Also, they could end up meesing up all the vaccines and could pertentionally end up destroying they vaccines and there might be no more let!


I hoped you liked my post. and I hope you agree with me. If you have any questions or comment pls write it down in the comment thank you.

Have a lovely day!!


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