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My name is Steve and we will be discussing what coronavirus to Automation? I predict that most jobs humans do will be done by robots like shop keeper. The near future like in 2035. Automation is where stuff is done by robots and machinery, covid-19 has affect automation by them not being able to make robots and machinery exept a school in China, which is getting there food served by machinery.

It could createn a big proble because a robot isn't the same as a human like a robot can't be a tourist guide, a doctor or an artist but people can adapt to this by doing remote working and it could help people to create a new chapter in there life like remote working. That could help people a lot by the robots doing there daily job.

They might get think it is a turning point for there job and career. Also they could be developed by the robots doing there jobs. It could effect automation because they couldn't build the robots for a bit and the robots can do the jobs quicker than a human.

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