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Asking fantastic questions and listening to an expert's view are great examples of how to earn stars for our speaking and listening skills. We then pick 5 questions for each expert and publish their answers for you to see (see an example here!). PLEASE ONLY MAKE ONE COMMENT - but you can ask as many questions as you like in that ONE comment.

We've already asked your questions to Natasha Sayliss, Debbie Marks, Daniel Levy, Dion McKenzie, Andy Haldane and Lord Sugar.

We'll star what we think are the best questions but we won't be able to respond to all of them (like in the weekly competition).

So who can you put your questions to?

Photo credit: Lord Sugar - The Apprentice Series 9” by Lukas Schlagenhauf is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Kike Onwinde

Kike Oniwinde is the Founder & CEO of BYP Network. The network helps to connect ambitious future leaders with corporations for job opportunities. On her motivation to start BYP Network, Kike said: "If you’re the only black person in the workplace, which tends to be the case for a majority of black professionals, and work long hours and go home, you’re not seeing anyone like you. But actually there’s a whole community of people like you who are going through the same thing. And if you find them you can help each other and that’s how you grow.” What questions do you have for Kike?

Sandra Reynolds

Sandra Reynolds is a careers advisor with Adviza - a registered charity inspiring people to make better decisions that help them progress in learning and work. Their passion is to support young people and others, at important times in their lives where key decisions need to be made. One way Sandra supports people in Berkshire through the National Careers Service. Sandra offers free and impartial information, advice and guidance to help people with your decisions about careers, courses and work. Since Covid they have been supporting people through phone guidance, webinars and virtual job fairs.

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