Are milkmen really gone extinct?

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I was looking over a post about extinct jobs and I came across the job of milkmen it was a job that was rarely popular where you would pay for someone to just drop of a fresh bottle of milk to your door every day it was quite a useful thing but not many people work on it anymore however people can still have it but it's quite expensive I've been thinking it has been changed over the decades and has changed to different types of jobs like online shopping it has the same fundamental of it being dropped of at your doorstep and not having to go outside to buy things but rather them being dropped of.

an even closer linked idea if the new thing shops like Asda and Tesco being able to buy your food online and it being dropped of to you.In addition to this hot food and pre made food also being able to be dropped of due to uber Eats and other apps.

The point I really wanted to ask is do you think other "extinct" jobs like milkmen and others have really disappeared or Just evolved to support the needs of modern people.I am open to constructive criticism and your opinions feel free to comment below.

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  • katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
    08 Dec 2020

    What a great discussion starter! I have awarded you with a star for using other students' ideas to spark your own thinking. Fantastic listening!

    I still get my milk from a milkman so there are definitely still some out there - although your point about jobs evolving really got me thinking and I'm interested to see what everyone else thinks. I wonder what other jobs have evolved?

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  • unnamed (2).jpg EXPERT: Malindi Myers, Economist @ Bank of England
    08 Dec 2020

    I still see the odd milkman around. Same with newspaper deliveries - not many around now, but one or two. As demand falls and the per unit costs rise, these routes for consumption become less competitive. But is the cheapest always the best? Do other things come into your 'value set' when you make a purchase? There's a quality vs quantity debate there, and in economic statistics, pricing is sometimes adjusted for quality. Is buying milk from the milkman better in some way than buying it from the supermarket, to account for the price differential? Feeling that it's a local service possibly using a local dairy farmer can be incentive enough to pay a bit more if you get more satisfaction (or 'utility') from the product or service.

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  • approachable_strategy | Whyteleafe School E
    08 Dec 2020

    I've heard that some people still have milkmen!

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  • best_artist | Whyteleafe School E
    10 Dec 2020

    this is a lovely post and I have never ever seen a milkman so yeah, I agree with you

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg memorable_dove | Michael Faraday School
    11 Dec 2020

    It was a good post witty_performance. Most jobs in the olden days have evolved but many have become extinct.

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