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Work is one of the most important parts in life.

If you have children then you will need a job to pay for a house, clothes and food for the whole family. So if you work hard at school then it will definitly pay off when you are older.

Sometimes people can get fired from their job, this means that they get asked to leave, this happens rarely though, it might happen if you are not working hard enough, not doing what you're supposed to be doing or turning up to work late a lot,or maybe not even coming at all.

Some people love their job, others still like their jobs but they might get a bit fed up with it sometimes, if people get to bored with their jobs then they leave, this is not like getting fired though, it's a bit like if you get bored of a club and you want to go to a new one then you quit and start the new club. It's like that with work but you have to decide what job you're going to next before you leave otherwise you won't have a job until you find one that's hiring.

If people get old then they can retire from their job, not everyone does this though, some people stay on a very long time and you might go into a shop and the person serving you might be in their 60's or even 70's!

There is also another type of leaving , it is called being made redundant, this means that there are too many people working there or the job isn't doing as well as possible, so they might have to tell some people to leave. They sometimes give you a heads up that they might have to make you redundant, but other times they don't.

I have know told you about:

.Why work is so important

.Being fired

.deciding to leave a job

.retirement and

. Being made redundant

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  • katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
    06 Nov 2020

    Some good information here, assertive_boysenberry! Could you give some reasons why different people might think leaving a job is a good or a bad thing?

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    1. Cheam Common logo wondrous_orca | Cheam Common Junior Academy
      Katie @ the BNC's comment 15 Nov 2020

      I am not assertive_boysenberry but I would like to answer your question.
      Some people think that leaving their job is good because they might...
      want to explore other occupations
      think that they are not being paid enough
      want to retire
      find their job boring
      want to spend more time with their family
      have enough money to stop working for some time
      need a break and someone else is earning money in their family
      Some people think that leaving their job is bad because their job might be...
      fun or enjoyable
      suitable for them
      the only source of money
      or they got fired because...
      they weren't working hard enough
      they were blaming other people for things they didn't do
      being lazy
      not coming
      or the company ...
      has too many workers
      has now hired machines
      doesn't have enough money to pay for them (like now)
      doesn't get enough clients/customers
      has shut down
      To sum it up, there are lots of reasons when it comes to leaving jobs involving economy, family (personal reasons), what people like and dislike, etc.

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      1. tom Tom @ the BNC
        wondrous_orca's comment 16 Nov 2020

        Which are the good reasons, and which are the not so good reasons, in your view?

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      2. tom Tom @ the BNC
        wondrous_orca's comment 16 Nov 2020

        Which are the good reasons, and which are the not so good reasons, in your view?

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  • trusting_dragonfly | Whyteleafe School E
    06 Nov 2020

    Wow this post was amazing! I know a lot more about work now! Thank you!

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  • insightful_region | Whyteleafe School E
    12 Nov 2020

    Hi Katie I just saying that this post was sorted.

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