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Good morning ladies and gentleman,

My name is Wonderful_Iceberg. I am a respected member of the BNC Party and I strongly believe that our party is the best party to lead this country.

Today I want to inform you about my party's health care manifesto. As many of you know the NHS ,which was introduced in 1948, is facing a huge financial struggle and a lack of staffing as NHS England has 100,000 jobs that are not filled.

The cost of health care at the moment is going up because people are living longer and the cost of medicine and technology is going up. I t is estimated that 26% of UK residents will be aged 65 or over by 2066. This means more money needs to be invested to support our elderly population and it fills me with grief to think that these people may not be supported.

Just last year, for the first time in history every major A&E in England failed to hit its waiting time target and this concerns me because if someone is medically ill, they may not get the attention they seek.

If my party is elected in the next general election, we can promise you that we will make major changes to improve our NHS and ensure it continues to be Britain's pride and joy!

1. We will provide the NHS with additional funding of £8 billion a year at least up until the year 2030

2. We will aim to employ 5000 more nurses and doctors by 2023.

3. We will support the NHS in updating all old equipment to the newest systems by 2026.

4. We will provide the support, funding and facilities to facilitate the training of more mental health practitioners.

5. We will ensure that all over 70s have access to the right type of care.

Each of these points are extremely important. Putting more money into the NHS means more jobs and equipment available. This will mean less waiting times and up to date equipment that can be used to save lives. Also training up more mental health workers means we can treat people with mental health issues appropriately and reduce the amount of time spent at the doctors or A&E, therefore these people will be happier and healthier.

My party's short term goal is to make sure that over 70's have access to the right type of health care by completing health questionnaires and having a full health check so that they don't have to go to the doctors for the wrong illnesses. We also want to ensure patient satisfaction by making sure all surgeries, clinics and hospitals are cleaned to a high standard and patients are treated with kindness and respect.

We understanding that putting in place additional funding will mean that we have to take money from elsewhere but I can assure you now that we will not be raising taxes as a way to do this. As the current government has shown during the coronavirus pandemic, the money is available within our current budgets and I want to ensure that the NHS gets the funding it deserves.

Our hope is that in the future our NHS will run smoothly and continue to save millions of lives. If this is something you want to see you should vote for the BNC. No other party has a policy as true and strong as ours. We are a party that always keeps our promises and stays true to our word. So vote BNC for your NHS!

Thank you

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    01 Apr 2020

    A superb manifesto - full of facts and figures from the Issue and also speaking-up with your own ideas. What do you think might be the challenges or obstacles to pushing your plans through?

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