Why is the Coronavirus a First-World Problem, and Why Shouldn't We Worry?

The Coronavirus has been in the news recently because it has started to spread across China and the world. It has come to the UK to about 20 people but a lot of them have made a full recovery and most of them are on their way to. But it could easily come back if someone comes with it to the UK and as travelling across the world is so easy now it most likely will happen. Doctors are very close to developing a cure for it but even if they find one it might have affected so many people we might not be able to give the vaccination in time. That is why we need to discuss ways to avoid it to make sure it doesn't spread more than it does.

What are the Current Methods Being Used to Stop it?

Because we aren't underrating it, there have been many ways to prevent the Coronavirus spreading, some being very successful. The UK government have given guidelines to schools for students, like having to put hand sanitiser on regularly and washing our hands thoroughly. I think that the current methods being used to stop it are quite effective but not as good as actually finding a cure. It might become like cancer where lots of people have it and have had it for many years. People are still being cured of it but there isn't a recognised cure that will easily get rid of it. Some people have taken to wearing face masks but do they help? Some people say the best way to prevent the Coronavirus is to wash your hands regularly and it has been approved by the government. But what standards are the government approving it by? Do they actually understand the Coronavirus fully? There is no proof that this is working as it hasn't been long enough to prove it, people are just agreeing with it because it's government-approved and it is expertly-made. At my school, they said that nobody will be allergic to it but some people were allergic to the alchohol in it and they had to use regular soap or their own from home.

Face masks are by far the most popular method, however, and they are selling out very quickly. That means that the demand is causing them to go up in prices and one 20-pack was £5000 which is just an outlandish amount of money that no one would pay for. People in China are walking around wearing them thinking that they help but do they actually? Experts think that washing your hands is more effective and it stops it from spreading more than it does. You also shouldn't shake hands with people and instead should just greet the verbally because the virus spreads mostly from your fingers. Face masks are so popular that some people are just following the crowd and getting ones of their own to feel like it is impossible to get the Coronavirus, which it isn't without cleaning your hands regularly. If you like wearing a face masks then you might as well just not wear it because they only help in extreme circumstances like when a nurse or doctor is testing you to see if you have it.

What Challenges Do the NHS Face as More People Get the Coronavirus?

The NHS are the ones who have got rid of the Coronavirus for some people, so they know how to do it. But they don't have a clear cure for it and they are not entirely sure what they will do if it spreads even more. They do say they are well-prepared for it and Boris Johnson says the government aims to build a lot more hospitals, but that is just what they are saying. What I mean is that no push has been made to build these new hospitals or nobody has explained how they have prepared to tackle the Coronavirus; they could be lying for all we know. If we are prepared then why doesn't the NHS share its ways to tackle it to less prepared countries (poor countries). The Coronavirus could spread anywhere which means we have to work together to help stop it from infecting millions of more people. I don't think the NHS are prepared and ready for it; if loads of people come bursting in with the Coronavirus they wouldn't know what to do and they would be under a lot of pressure to cure as many people as possible. They haven't really faced a problem as great as this before so they are unexperienced on what the best approach would be to finally get rid of it.

Is Isolation a Good Way to Get Rid of it?

This could have been in the paragraph: What are the Current Methods Being Used to Stop it? but isolation is so popular amongst governments and people that I think it deserves its own paragraph. There have been many groups trying the isolation method which is where people are kept away from civilisation because there was a case of someone having the Coronavirus meaning no one could leave in case they had it and spreaded it to a lot of people. Personally, I don't think this is a good method because if somebody has the Coronavirus we need to stay away from them. With the isolation method, people are kept near each other because they are in the same place and if someone has it they could spread it to more people. We should send people home because they have been tested negative for the virus and they aren't showing any symptoms. If somebody does have it they should be put in hospital, with nobody but nurses/doctors, and wait until they have fully recovered. People who aren't believed to have the Coronavirus still need to go their local NHS to get it checked in case they do, and in that is the case then they need to get it cured. The only problem is that people might not be truthful on whether they have been to the doctors, as they could have not due to a busy schedule. To solve this there could be a register where if you said you've had it checked you have to say what specific hospital you went to and they could look for your name in that hospital's registration book to see if you actually went. If you didn't, they could make you get it checked and watch with their own eyes that they did go there and they aren't lying. But there is one big issue: if you do have the Coronavirus, between you getting out of the place with the Coronavirus, and having the appointment, you could have seen many people who you could have either shaken hands with, hugged or accidentally bumped into, meaning they could have it as well. I can't think of a way round this, so if you have a solution please can you write a comment explaining what we could do about this.


The best thing to do about the Coronavirus, in my opinion, is not to worry, even if, like I suggested, the NHS isn't fully prepared, we are and if we have a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, we should be okay because our immune systems will stop most of the symptons showing. The government is certainly prepared so if lots of people in the UK get it they will have a plan that will stop more people getting it. The UK government could join Italy in closing some schools where the Coronavirus is present, and France have banned indoor gatherings with lots of people to stop it from spreading - in short, we are well-prepared. Note: some facts may be incorrect as there are constant changes about the Coronavirus, so if you're reading this a long time after it was published/approved, then just bear in mind that it might not be wrong, just outdated.

Write in a comment what you think will happen next about the Coronavirus, and ways we can prevent it from spreading to the UK but mainly the world as we are in this together.

Website(s) I used: https://www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/eprr/coronavirus/

by succinct_leaves

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    01 Mar 2020

    Thank you for giving your thoughts on this very complex issue. You've shown a careful and considerate tone when discussing something of such importance, and you have clearly used sources to support your statements. You're right, the government and NHS have been telling people that they are making preparations, and it's important we don't worry unneccessarily. What have other people seen that shows our country is making preparations and taking steps to prevent the spread?

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  • Brompton Westbrook logo mindblowing_moon | Brompton Westbrook Primary School
    02 Mar 2020

    I think the corona virus is going really is dangerous but you don't worry only thing to do is washing your Hands

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  • Braiswick Primary School spirited_insect | Braiswick Primary School
    02 Mar 2020

    I agree with you, as the Coronavirus is recent (to humans) and everybody is fearing and nobody knows how to tackle it. I think isolating yourself from the outside world (like staying home) is effective, but if you are the one who has the Coronavirus I don't think it's really helping and my reason for this is that if they are in isolation that makes the problem worse for them because dieing without your family there with you or for you is quite sad and my reason that puts safety on top priority is that isolation is just putting someone away from the outside, that doesn't mean it's not spreading.

    Coronavirus is getting in with more ways than one, like people purposely leaving their country to spread it elsewhere and I think it's on purpose because if they knew they had the virus, they wouldn't just go to another country.
    However they might escape the country because they want to leave their country that has the virus!
    I think the NHS is handling this well as they are getting rid of it and this is good because that makes the amount of cases decrease therefore, less people who have the virus. Face masks are not helping at all and are made expensive for no reason because as lots of people 'need it' they use £5000 pounds to buy some but they are NOT effective. They are masks used to stop illnesses from spreading but in this case it is not helping. I think the NHS is trying hard to get rid of the virus, and their work is helping. I believe this because they have got rid of it for some people and are carefully monitoring the amount of cases and people now realise health is important.


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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      spirited_insect's comment 03 Mar 2020

      If someone was seriously unwell with the virus, it is very likely that they would be advised to go to hospital for treatment, rather than stay in isolation.

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    2. Braiswick Primary School succinct_leaves | Braiswick Primary School
      spirited_insect's comment 09 Mar 2020

      To reply to your first paragraph, I would like to say: why would people want to spread the virus? I know you said later on another possibility, and I think I agree with that. Even if you don't understand the Coronavirus and how it spreads, you know it is not good to go out into the public with it. People don't want to cause problems for the world, and by going out into the public with the Coronavirus, you are essentially causing hundreds of problems for hospitals, and putting so much pressure on them to act quickly and swiftly, making sure that everybody is safe. People don't want to do of it, and most people don't want other people to get it.

      by succinct__leaves

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  • Phoenix-logo-250x250.jpg willing_saxophone | Phoenix Primary School
    03 Mar 2020

    Corona Virus is a big flu which had spreaded all around Europe for China, It has killed 59% of Italy. Somehow, a Frenchman managed to survive and got released.

    The number of people in Iran infected by the coronavirus surged past 2,300, the death toll rose to 77, and the country’s head of Parliament said that nearly two dozen lawmakers had tested positive and should avoid meeting with members of the public, the authorities announced on Tuesday.

    Iran now has 2,336 reported cases, more than any country other than China and South Korea, and 11 more people have died, according to figures cited by the deputy health minister, Alireza Raisi, on state TV.

    The number of people in Iran infected by the coronavirus surged past 2,300, the death toll rose to 77, and the country’s head of Parliament said that nearly two dozen lawmakers had tested positive and should avoid meeting with members of the public, the authorities announced on Tuesday.

    Iran now has 2,336 reported cases, more than any country other than China and South Korea, and 11 more people have died, according to figures cited by the deputy health minister, Alireza Raisi, on state TV.

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  • Phoenix-logo-250x250.jpg willing_saxophone | Phoenix Primary School
    03 Mar 2020

    i dont know how i repeated it

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School happy_fact | Lyons Hall Primary School B
    03 Mar 2020

    Personally, I think that people are over-reacting about the coronavirus. This is because it is basically another version of a cold or the flu but just a bit more deadlier. Scientists say that if doctors or even the people around you know what to do if you get ill because of the coronavirus it could save your life. I have recently learnt that its not the illness that could potentially kill you, its actually the side affects such as not being able to breathe properly.
    Other people in my class, and all over the world think that people should be worrying about the virus more than they already are. In fact some people in the UK are considering to encourage everyone to wear a mask and a pair of gloves to protect themselves and everyone around them from catching the DEADLY virus.
    To conclude, I still think that everyone should stay calm and treat the new virus as a cold or the flu because they are so old everyone will be way more calm.
    That's all from me,
    Thanks for reading my comment,

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  • Hillyfield School logo triumphant_performance | Hillyfield Primary Academy
    05 Mar 2020

    Great post succinct_leaves! I also think that some people are over-reacting to the coronavirus because it is not likely we are going to get it.

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  • Hillyfield School logo content_currency | Hillyfield Primary Academy
    05 Mar 2020

    The Corona virus is and should be a first world issue because not only is it a painful death but it is spreading
    all across the world . Soe people wuld disagree and think the same way about Cancer as it is also a very bad
    disease which kills people who are infected . But then again these diseases can be avoided, like the news said you should frequently wash hands and take vitamins ,specifically vitamin D

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg involved_watermelon | Boutcher C of E Primary School B
    06 Mar 2020

    I think we should not worry because NHS have saved a lot of lives for people who have the corona virus,plus it may be in london but its is not in our part.I think two people have died from it now but lets hope nobody gets any sickness.

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  • Hammond School logo resilient_apple | Hammond Junior School B
    12 Mar 2020

    The corona virus is a worldwide problem because:

    Firstly, it is spreading around the world and according to research there are over 1000’s of cases of it in the UK so this reason is one of the most obvious ones.

    Secondly, some people are dying from this case. This is a big problem because if we don’t find a cure, then it will spread all over the world and then everyone will have it.

    Although this is a big problem, it is actually helping us realise that everyone needs to wash their hands better and because of this, it is our fault that these people have the corona virus.

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