What strain is the coronsvirus putting on the NHS

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So people are wondering is the coronavirus effecting the NHS service more than normal.

The NHS works hard to keep as all safe with very limited resourses and poorly paid staff,however this is properly put to the test with this widespread virus On the news people from the Goverment are asking for us to stay at home so we do not affect more people . The NHS does not have enough beds for all of the Patients so making the NHS more easier we need to stay at home. If you haven't already noticed the staff at the NHS are putting us before their own health and their Families .They are making sure that our health is better . One lady wrote on Social Media that she has been sleeping only steps away from her children in a Caravan so as to keep them safe and to help her keep working - she is not the only one to do this - The NHS staff have been working longer hours and shifts so they can help with our health .

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  • avatar.jpg EXPERT: Leo Lou, Trainee Solicitor @ Clifford Chance
    01 Apr 2020

    Hi enchanted_gooseberry, you're certainly right in observing that NHS workers are putting their health and wellbeing at risk to provide the public with adequate medical services and care. What have you learned from the news and discussions on how NHS is stretched thin apart from beds in hospitals reaching capacity? Do you think the NHS and the government is providing enough support to the doctors, nurses and other essential workers?

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