What is the difference between the NHS in 1970 and 2020?

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This post is about how the NHS has changed between 1970 and 2020. I have asked one person who worked at the NHS in 1970 some questions about the NHS and one person who works at the NHS now the same questions to see what the difference is and the hospitals have changed over the course of fifty years.

Here are the questions that I have asked:

1. On average, how much money did a staff member get paid a year?

2. Rouphly, how many patients were in hospital per day?

3. How long did it take for a patient to recover from an operation?

4. How much did a prescription cost?

5. How many wards were in a hospital?

6. How long did it take for one nurse to treat five people?

7. How many different electrical machines were there?

8. What did you use to take peoples blood preassure?

9. How money was given to the NHS by the goverment?

Here are the answers to the questions in 1970:

1. Sister wage is 3,400

2. 440

3. 1 week

4. 20p

5. 15

6. 2 hours

7. Notes were all hand written.

8. Sphygmomanometer and stethascope

9. 2,000,000

Here are the answers to the questions in 2020:

1. Up to 52,000 if you work full time as a band 7 in London.

2. 621

3. They are now starting to do knee and hip replacements in one day.

4. £5-£10

5. 30 in UCLH (University College London Hospital).

6. 45 minutes

7. Too many to count.

8. Dynamap and it’s electric.

9. More than 30 billion due to coronavirus.

As you can see, there is a big difference on how the NHS has changed over these past few years.

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