What i would say to Chang the NHS.

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Good afternoon my name is stellar_acorn and I am a member of the Benificial National Community.

I am here today to say what I would do to change the NHS if I got elected.

First of all, the NHS should upgrade there computer system.

We promise to build more hospitals so more people won‘t die or get ill.

This matters because human death rate is climbing higher and higher because of Covid 19( Coranavirus) so we need more human careers to take care of the ill.

Also if we are voted in we will hire more nurses and doctors to take care of more people because Covid 19(Coronavirus) is killing people and so is natural causes so we need more careers to take care of the extra people.

In addition to this, we want to invest in phisical health because people don’t get as much excersise as others and sometimes it is because they have a problem And that is why we are investing in phisical health.

Furthermore, we pledge to privatise the NHS to release strain on the people who work there so they can get more people to hospital .

Finally, the BNC believe that if we promote healthy choices less people wil die or get ill from eating the wrong type of food.

The members of BNC care about the health care service because every life is valuable and everyone deserves to live.

We ensure that our promises will be kept and we will try to make everyone happy.

If our outlined promises are not accountable then we will step down and let another party get elected.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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