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Good afternoon my name is fantastic_world. I belong to the Beneficial National Community. I am here for the NHS manifesto.

My first problem I would like to raise, is the waiting times. I am fully aware that the doctors and nurses are very busy and I appreciate what they do but sometimes there waiting times can be very long. In December 2019, for the first time, every major A&E department in England failed to hit its waiting time target. I think we could prevent this by trying to employ more staff. Before this meeting I went to meet some staff who work for the NHS and they told me about there worries. They said that the NHS have an awful lot of strain put on them by not not having enough staff. This is supported by the fact that the NHS has nearly 100,000 jobs still available.

An urgent problem that needs addressing is the IT. If we are voted in by the government we promise we will fund all the money needed to make the IT better. If the NHS have effective IT it will not just help with this problem it will help with the waiting times as well as this. If the IT get revamped it will speed everything up causing the the doctors and nurses to be able to share patient records quickly accurately. Then they can focus on giving the best possible care and prescribe the right medication.

The next thing I would like to bring up is how NHS staff have to pay for the car park. I don't think they should have to because they go in every day and help people give people the care and medicines they also save people's lives. They shouldn't have to pay to park in the car park. It's a bit like telling them to pay to save someone's life or to pay to give someone medicine or pay to diagnose someone with an illness. With what is going in on at the moment they are working especially hard and yet still they have to pay for a silly little thing like to park their in the car park.

If myself and the rest of the BNC party were voted for by the government we would try to persuade people to eat a bit more healthy. For example don't just say to children in schools you shouldn't eat this food to much or you shouldn't smoke maybe actually tell them what could happen if they eat to much of it. I'm not telling teachers to go and say you can't eat any sweets, chocolate, cake, biscuits ect but try and tell them what could happen to them if they do eat to much of whatever. With adults who are obese or drink lodes of alcohol all the time maybe ask them is there a reason why they do this and if so get them some help and tell them to stop doing it and get them someone they can talk to. If there is no reason why they are doing it then maybe explain to them and say that they are making themseleves ill by doing this they can still eat all the food they are doing now but try and excercise often even if it is for a short walk round the block and add some vegetables into their diet. This might reduce the costs the NHS have to pay for heart surgeries. To support this, 28% of adults in the uk are obese. Globally, nearly three times as many as what there was in 1975.

The final thing I will do is to build more hospitals. I think that we should build more hospitals due to what is happening at the moment because we are running out of space to put people. Also we need to do it quickly for the NHS because in England it takes about a week to fill a pot whole, we can't fath around because more and more people are getting diagnosed with this virus and that means for some people they will have to go to hospital which means more and more beds will be filled and soon they will run out of room.

Myself and the rest of the BNC party all care about the nations health care and we promise to make the NHS the best it can ever be.

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