What do the NHS do to help us and are there any problems?

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Before we find out what they do, we need to know what the NHS are.

The NHS is an organisation that provides medical treatment to us. It covers the whole of the United Kingdom and is still one of the biggest employers in the world with a staggering 1.2 million people but the Guardian think that they could be 350,000 staff short by 2030! They see over 1,000,000 patients every 36 hours which is incredible. The letters NHS stand for National Health Service which was founded on the 5 July 1948 by Aneurin Bevan. It is a publicly funded health care system for the UK.

Now we know what they are, how do they help us?

To help so many people, they provide care through:

  • Hospitals,
  • Doctors surgeries ,
  • Ambulances,
  • Accident and Emergancy,
  • The NHS 111 helpline,

This is only the main services but there are a lot more. So much so they need to have employed 1.2 million people. In these services, they help anyone and I have experienced some of the things that they do when I had an allergic reaction I had a RAST test which is when they take some of your blood and look for antibodies.( A blood protein produced in response to and counteracting a specific antigen.) Because I had some, they took it further and I had a skin allergy test. This means that they write allergens up your arm and then put a substance of it on your arm. Then, they prick it and if it gets large then you are allergic but if it doesn't increase in size you are not allergic. This is only 2 of the thousands of things they do like healing broken bones or treating cancer. The money from the government in 2015/16 (£118 billion) was used on:

  • Hospitals and Ambulances-£58 billion
  • Other public health buildings-£25 billion
  • GPS and the community-£14 billion
  • Mental health-£11 billion
  • Central administration, regulation and training-£10 billion

Even though this sounds perfect and sustainable,does the NHS face any problems?

There is a lot of disagreement on this subject, but both sides have valid reasons. If the NHS is going to look after all of the people of the future, they will need wide ranging improvement to cope with a vast increse in population. This will be a problem because the population of the UK is increasing at an astonishing rate and now a child has expirienced lying on the floor because of the appalling queue times (according to their mum who reported the issue to the press.) Also, the shortage of nurses at the NHS (which has occured because of a lack of funds because staff aren't being paid highly so they do a job where they get higher pay) means that the nurses that are there now have more to do, so they resign and this results in not enough people to run the wards and take care of patients. This also is a reason for the queue times because nurses can't treat everyone quickly.

But there is 1 main reason which equates all these other issues with the NHS which is their Lack of Funds and the way they are used.

The NHS have recently been criticised for the way they use their funds. But how are they using them incorrectly and why aren't they being invested in? The NHS have been investing in managers who are paid a lot of money and don't even treat a single patient! All that they do is sort out how the hospital is ran and allocate funding to apartments. But the NHS don't recieve a lack of funds because, in the year 2019/2020, they have spent £134 billion. They are just needing more because we used to not be able to treat people with cancer but now we can but treatment for these diseases cost a lot of money. This means that the treatment cost has also increased. The amount of money they spend now is £27 billion more than 2010/2011.

Do you think that the NHS have been fairly critisised?

How can they solve these frequent issues?

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