What could future illnesses be for the world ?

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Currently, we have had issues affecting the country - such as the obesity crisis and the very topical issue of the coronavirus. I decided to think about what might be future issues for the next generation.

Firstly, I was thinking about mental health issues and how they will increase. 500 million people use Instagram daily. Instagram can be a great thing but it can also be the stigma for mental health issues. People can feel bad about themselves for how they look or there size because of other people on social media. This can cause mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. This could also affect the NHS as they will have to provide more mental health medication which will mean they need more funding for medicine.

In additon, I think treatment for anorexia and other weight issues could increase. This is because , like with mental health, people see pictures or videos of supermodels and want to look like them so they starve themselves. This actually has negative impacts on your body as you do not have body fat for heat. As social media is growing in popularity, this means the amount of people starving themselves or such will increase.

Also, I think that illnesses related to drug misuse will increase. This is because more children are being drawn into drug crime. This means that more people will have illnesses related to drugs issues as the usage increases. This can lead to more serious problems such as overdoses, heart and lung diseases or addiction. This means that drug usage can have serious effects on the body.

However, I believe that some illnesses may decrease in the amount of cases. For example, I think that the amount of cases that are the result of smoking will decrease. The government have been implementing stricter rules on smoking for a while now. This means that it will be harder to smoke and therefore there will be less cases of illnesses such as lung cancer.

In conclusion, I believe that social media can have an impact on our physical and mental health. In additon, I think that the government are working hard to try and protect us from some illnesses.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    02 Mar 2020

    You've supported each point up with reasons here, which sets a good example! You mentioned the impact on the NHS in an early paragraph but not after that - could you suggest how your later suggestions would affect the NHS?

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg buzzing_atom | Birchwood C of E Primary School
    04 Mar 2020

    I think that a problem for the future would be screens.I think this because in the future it could damage our eyesight.Even though now screens can strain your eyes and can also stimulate your brain at night time it could be worse in the future.Some of the concequences could be that we faint of go really dizzy because our eyes might not be able to concentrate on the light anymore because we had been doing it for so long.Another future problem could be caused by the lack of sleep people are getting now.So in the future people might get more stressed or might start falling asleep in their day when they are supposed to stay awake. Even though now that people are falling asleep why they are not supposed to it could get worse in the future.People could get more confused of would not be able to concentrate because their brain wouldn't of had the sleep that it needed.

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      buzzing_atom's comment 05 Mar 2020

      Can you suggest any ways to fix this problem?

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg open_date | Birchwood C of E Primary School
    04 Mar 2020

    I think future illnesses can be wifi,light and maybe screens

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg entertaining_strawberry | Birchwood C of E Primary School
    04 Mar 2020

    We have been talking about this post in class, so I will be asking a question that has been on my mind lately, WiFi signals could potentially have long term side-effects.
    You may be wondering, where does WiFi come from in the first place? Well, WiFi travels through the air in waves, and according to https://www.my-webspot.com/blog/what-is-a-pocket-wifi/, a portable WiFi generates a radio field of 10-15 meters. That may be a lot of information, but for those who are still confused, WiFi travels through the air.

    I have told you this because I have question, if WiFi travels through the air, then does it affect our minds?
    I have thought this because, we know that the screens on our phones affect out mind/sleep, so why doesn't this?

    This links to our topic, the future of the NHS because if the answer is yes to my question, maybe it is another factor of why so many more people are visiting the NHS over the past few years.

    The final question I have to ask, will WiFi signals become a future ilness?

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  • CuddingtonCroft-logo-250x250.jpg astounding_moose | Cuddington Croft Primary School
    05 Mar 2020

    I think people should stop staring at screens for so long because it is obviously causing a problem

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  • Alice.jpg EXPERT: Alice Raine, Senior Associate @ Clifford Chance
    05 Mar 2020

    Can you give an example of how screens are causing a problem?

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    1. CuddingtonCroft-logo-250x250.jpg astounding_moose | Cuddington Croft Primary School
      Alice Raine, Senior Associate @ Clifford Chance's comment 09 Mar 2020

      It is because it causes people to go in a bad posture which leads to head and shoulder muscle problems.

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  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg brilliant_blackberry | Noel Park Primary School
    09 Mar 2020

    I agree with honourable_conclusion that mental health issues will increase, but I’m not that it’s the biggest threat facing the NHS.

    I think that one of the major health issues of the future could be the re-emergence of diseases that were once either eradicated completely or not very common, for example measles and mumps. I’ve seen a lot of talk on the news and online about vaccinations and possible dangers to children (which I don’t think are necessarily the truth) and, as a result, fewer parents are choosing to have their children vaccinated. This is dangerous because it gives diseases more chance to spread across the population and perhaps even mutate to even more dangerous forms. This would present difficulties to the NHS because it would mean that, instead of focusing on moving medicine forward, they would have to take a step back and treat diseases that are easily preventable but can have quite serious consequences.

    I think that lung diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and even lung cancer could become more prevalent and more serious due to an increase in air pollution levels. This would be difficult for the NHS because many of these diseases are long-term and incurable but require frequent treatment, which would put additional strain on an already over-worked and short-staffed service.

    In our BNC session, we learnt that the numbers of elderly people in the population are quickly increasing; in 2016, 18% of UK residents were aged 65 or over. In 2066 it is estimated that 26% of UK residents will be aged 65 or over. This could lead to an increase in the number of cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s. This could be particularly bad for the NHS because when people suffer from severe dementia they often need around the clock care in a home or hospital, which would again put strain on nurses and require even more bed to ensure these patients can be looked after.

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      brilliant_blackberry's comment 09 Mar 2020

      How should the NHS tackle these threats?

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  • Evelyn-Street-logo-250x250.jpg bold_drum | Evelyn Street Primary School C
    18 Mar 2020

    i think that the internet can lead to mental health issues because for e.g if someone is using instagram , facebook or maybe tik tok people can comment inapropriate things for maybe how they look or act which can cause depression or anxiety and make them feel bad about their self and can leed them to wanting to change who they are because of peoples opinions . this is wrong !

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