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Hello BNC users , ushally i write a post talking and expanding on the topic we are currently discussing But today i am goibg to expand on to different sides to one of our thinking questions .

Thinking question:

Should some people put more money into the NHS than others? If so who ?

firstly,i would like to meation that a lot of the time we are told every one should be treated fairly .So how is it fair that some people have to put more money into the NHS than others .if you have a rich person and a poor person is even fair to make either of them pay the NHS . this is not because of who they or the amount of money they have ,this is about human rights in general.

Somepeople may agree that if you are wealthier than their you put money Into the NHS .The money you get taxed is partly used for the NHS . Now from what I know the more money you earn the less you get taxed so really only the wealthier put more money into the NHS . although , somepeople may put more money as they get taxed a bigger amount of money to stay fair rights everybody should put in the same amount of money .

My soultion:

if you can not afford to put in lots of money than everyone should put in the same amount this way its fair and nobody will feel down as they would have to put in the same amount as others . If one person can't do it everybody should stop and make the money that is put in reasonable therefore everyone will be eligable to play it .

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