The prommises i would make.

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BNC 27th March

The current problem for the NHS is political party's.

The promises I would make are:

1.To increase the nurses and doctors wages. This is important because more people will work for the NHS.

2.You will get a fine if you fake call the NHS and the money will go to the NHS.This is important because

it wastes time and if it was an actual emergency they would be stopping the NHS from saving the real emergency.

3.To put more of the worse injurys before the less worse injurys.This is important because the injurys

could get wore quicker and kill the paitient.

4.Less waiting.This is important because there are to many people and some mite be just a small problem.

5.Less waste.This is important because it will help prevent global warming.

If a promise dose not happen kepp voting for me because I will do the others.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    03 Apr 2020

    You've given us a list of ideas here, fantastic_mode. Could you pick one to explain in more depth? How would you do it? What would you and the NHS need to do it?

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