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Since this post is mainly about the news, I'll try to link it to the NHS, but if you have not heard (which that is likely) governments and news reporters have been exposed. For what? It is fake news.

Since the Burnet news club also teaches you not to fall for fake news, I hope you do not fall for it, but it is hard not to.

A method I brought up in a competition on the BNC was that if on another website, the news is the same as the previous website, it is likely the information is true. But it might not work now and that is why it is so hard to tell between real and fake news, not just in the past, but now.

The NHS link

So now I'll get into the detail of the fake news I was talking about earlier in this post.

So very few people have figured out (including my family) that the government and news are changing the amount of cases for Coronavirus for an unknown reason. (You can come up with a reason in the comments). (I personally think it is to make people think serious about the virus).

It is not just our Government though, it is the world too. It has a link with the NHS because the number of cases should be recorded by the NHS because they are the people who are testing citizens so I think they are worthy of trust in this situation.

So how do you tell the difference between fake news? You gather evidence. Evidence and proof is what makes one believe. So if you find something suspicious feel free to say below.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    06 Apr 2020

    It's a good question - how can we tell if a news story is reliable? Newsround have made an excellent video on this:

    On the government figures - these numbers are changing to reflect how many have / have died of the coronavirus, there's no evidence to suggest the numbers are being changed on purpose for any other reason. The government are working with the NHS to track the numbers.

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