The hard working NHS

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The NHS have been toiling to find a way to combat the nationwide pandemic. They are working day and night to unravel secrets to help the world. This problem is major, and the Queen even made a speech outside christmas, which has only happened three times before. That shows this is truly a crisis and the world has been forced into a lockdown. Schools are shutting and businesses are failing. People aren't getting the money they need because they can't work. Restaurant owners and workers are struggling to earn the money essential to them. The counsellor printed off several billion pounds to provide the necessary money and the citizens of every city, state, town and country are needing reassurances. Non essential travel is prohibited and shops are empty, full of people but the shelves looted. They most famous streets are deserted and the busiest markets are shut. The problematic virus is forcing inconvenience into the lives of all. How can we help the NHS combat this?


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