The future of the NHS

Recently, in class we have been talking about our future within the NHS and how we can improve it. One of my suggestions was to partner with other countries to make a worldwide NHS. Everybody deserves to have the same rights and the same healthcare. So, how can we improve this?

Since the outbreak of COVID- 19, the NHS has been struggling when dealing with situations. The numbers of people in quarentine are escalating which means more pressure is being put on the National Health Service to withstand thye coas in the Hospitals around the UK.

There are currently 2300 NHS hospitals in the UK, meaning more nurses need to be hired for them to all keep running to high expectations. Not only are our lives at risk because of this, the people who work there are at risk too. According to the NHS confederations, they deal with over 1 million patients every 36 hours. Which is a lot of people in the UK. The number of patients waiting longer than a year for treatment declined from 20,097 in September 2011 to 2014 in November 2013, before increasing again. In this case, the NHS is thought of to be a disgrace but many people have different opinions.

If these numbers are decreasing, soon, we will have no free healthcare and we will be like certain counties (like America). Our NHS originated in 1948 because of the war that ended 3 years prior. It was created to help anyone injured for free many people think it was a great idea that has kept going throughout the many years.

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  • avatar.jpg EXPERT: Carra Johnson, Paralegal @ Clifford Chance
    18 Mar 2020

    This is a very interesting read and you have brought up some very interesting points regarding COVID-19 and how this is currently affecting the NHS.

    Firstly, you suggested that the UK partners with other countries to make a worldwide NHS. Can you say more?

    Secondly, you said that the some people think the NHS is a 'disgrace'. Can you give an example?

    Finally, you said that 'we would have no free healthcare' and that the UK will be like other countries such as America. How important do you think free healthcare is?

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