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Hello, my name is Receptive_road and I repersent the Conservatives Party. I am here because I want to make a change to hospitals.This is talking about things which are positive and which ones are negative about the NHS and what we can do to help it.

First, I want reduce the amount of patients waiting to see experts. It says that in December every major A&E unit in England defeated its waiting time limit. This could be serious, people are losing there lives because of the abide. I pledge that patients, who need it the most, will be hopefully seen quicker by Docters and Nurses and confidently survive the process.People could be already dead by the time the Docter gets hold of them; hospitals are busy places with millions of patients.

Second problem, I want to resolve how many Docters and Nurses there are. Not as many people are recruiting for Docters and Nurses which isn't moral. But on the bright side, those who do sign up, we are very grateful for them and what there do for us is amazing such as: trying their best even if it seem too lematic , redeeming people, keep them alive and give there lives back. I hope that more and more citizens sign up to become someone who saves lives and to dedicate themself for something better. Millions need you, more than ever.

Problem number three. The technology is not very effcient, Docters are not getting speedy information on their patients. I want to help modernise the technology in the NHS to make it more standernise and capable. Systems are starting to fail and getting ponderous and badly connected. If this does not stop then people will die quicker and easier, by not getting what they need on time. If systems are badly connected then people could be given something that they are allergic to and the Docter will not know about it because of the badly connected computers. I pursuade that the WIFI will get reanstaed and people WILL live.

More hospitals must be built instead of everyone crowed in one jammed area. Also more diseases could be spread to others who are already worse. Being inside with many others is the best way for germs and viruses to spread, it would be better if less people were in the same building then it would be less likely for someone to devolop some on known disease. I pledge that there will be more hospitals built within the next 12 years or else people might be tempted to die straightforward. There is always a consequence for death.The Goverment are giving money to the NHS, so that the supply of equipment will not be as bad as it used too. Not too many hospitals must be built because there are already a few of them and we do not want to go wasting precious money. Also we need massive room for hospitals; they can take up alot of space. Some old restarunts, which used to be open, are now closed up entirely; there are used for nothing we could knock them down for room.Then there would more room.

More and more people ,mainly adults, are getting obese. 28% adults in the UK are corpulent which is shocking in my oppinion. Globally, nearly three times as many people are obese than 1975. Some people are in hospitals because of their non nutrurious diet which wastes the Docter's time. Other people are more valuable than others. Some people should be put on a healthy diet and do more exercise that way they will be heathy and happy. I want to help invest mental health, some people have not choosen the right way in life. Now that we have technology we can use it but not alot. Outside is the best place; it is inportant that EVERYONE gets some fresh air. I hope that some people have changed their way of life.

Do you think that its worth it?

Do think its worth spending all this money?

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