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As you can see on my post I have acted as if I was apart of a beneficial national community and I am proving why people should vote for me. If I had the most votes, my first priority would be to improve the NHS by making sure that they have enough money. To do this I would give percentage of the money that you pay to the NHS to help them and to give them a reward. I believe that this is a good idea because people are not grumpy as they don't have to pay more tax also I know that if I was paying my taxes I would be quite happy that percentage of that money is helping people to survive. What would you do if you had the most votes?

by genius_chocolate

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    27 Mar 2020

    Thank you for putting this together! A percentage of taxes already goes to the NHS - around 30% of government spending. Would you increase this?

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    1. Hammond School logo genius_chocolate | Hammond Junior School B
      Tom @ the BNC's comment 28 Mar 2020

      I believe that I would in this situation so yes I would and then if this did not work out the way we panned it to then I am sure that the government could go back to just 30%. But for the time being it would be a good idea, even if we done it for like a year and then switched it back just so then the NHS are getting a little boost.

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  • St-Barnabas-logo-250x250.jpg gentle_parrot | St Barnabas C of E Primary School
    27 Mar 2020

    I know that sounds persuading if you ask me but I have some questions. Would you still do taxes for the people who can't afford it? Would you do other things to help the world? Would you only do good for one country or help other country's?

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