The BNC healthcare manifesto.

serious_petal from the Independent Party

presents the party's new, amazing NHS Manifesto.

Our first commitment is to significantly boast investment in the NHS. We pledge to spend£30Bn by 2023/24, by increasing income tax by 1p for the higher earners. This spending will cover additional medical facilities and extra trained staff, investment in IT, the promotion in healthier lifestyles as well as a step change in the way we treat Mental Health.

An urgent problem that needs addressing is the lack of hospitals to offer sufficient care. Every major A&E hospital in England failed to meet targets for waiting times in December 2019. We plan to build 60 new hospitals each with an A&E department across England by 2024 to improve waiting times and ensure quick treatment of patients.

We pledge to train an additional 7,000 doctors by 2028, including 1,000 mental health care specialists. This is a priority because the UK population is aging and is estimated to be 26% in 2066 compared to 18% in 2016 and this will put additional burden on the NHS and number of doctors required so we must get prepared now.

We plan to invest heavily in the NHS IT systems so that there is a fully integrated system increasing efficiency and ability to carry out the effective treatment of patients. We plan to bring the NHS IT sysytem into the 21st Century!

Mental Health is also a priority and we will invest in new facilities, training of new mental health nurses and set up an education programme across the community.

Investment in promoting healthy choices is also critical to our manifesto. 28% of adults in the UK are obese. Globally, there is nearly 3 x more obesity than in 1975. We believe prevention is better than the cure and plan to invest through education in schools & the community as a whole.

The NHS is the backbone of our country and needs investment now! We promise to deliver this through our target based manifesto.


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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    02 Apr 2020

    Lots of good suggestions written clearly, well done!

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