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Good afternoon, my name is Innovative_map and I am a member of the Beneficial National Community (BNC). I am here today to talk about how the BNC will be the best and why you should vote for me and the BNC.

First of all, following discussions with the NHS GPs, I believe that they have far too much work to do and that people can't get an appointment at their local gp surgery, and so are going to hospitals instead. This is making hospitals too busy.

We promise to build at least 20 more GP surgeries. This is important because many people that we have spoken to have told us that when they can't get an appointment with a GP they are going to the hospital which means other people that need to be treated quickly cant be treated that quickly due to the delays that this is causing.

Also if we are voted in, we will help you eat healthier by taking less money in tax than you currently pay so that you can keep enough money to buy better healthier food for your family and get more excercise. This will reduce the number of people going to hospital a year due to obesity.

In addition to this, we want to work on correcting computer problems. This will help speed up seeing each patient allowing people to have more time to get excercise rather than visiting hospitals and gp surgeries.

Furthermore, we pledge to train and employ more GPs for the new GP surgeries that we pledge to build. This should speed up people getting to see their gps, freeing up hospitals for those that really need them.

Finally, the BNC believe that we would promote healthier food and excercise by building more affordable gyms with different times for different ages as well as cafes that only serve healthy food.

The members of the BNC care about the UK healthcare service as it is the best in the whole wide world and we want to keep it that way. We will ensure that our promises will stay in service and never be broken. If our outlined promises are not achieved then we will tell you and we will tell you how we will correct it.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    06 Apr 2020

    Thank you for posting this final piece, innovative_map. Do you think taxing people less will mean they would spend more money on healthy food, or might they spend that money elsewhere? And what would you to do replace that tax money that usually went to the NHS?

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