The BNC healthcare manifesto

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I am writing this maniefesto today, as leader of the BNC,- Beneficial National Community -.

Our first promise for the BNC is that we will modernise the NHS, as we want to bring it back into this century.

We pledge to do this with help from local funding to improve the current technology, which is out of date.

An urgent problem that needs addressing is making sure the nurses and doctors, and everyone on the front line as keyworkers, have enough equipment and protective clothing to keep them safe.

We also plan to turn the NHS into a state of the art service and remain available to everybody - it is, and should remain, a community hospital.

Our main priority is to stop parking charges to give the health workers more money in their pockets for essential needs.

We also want to offer more training and better wages to bring more people into our hospitals to increase the current staffing numbers.

It is our pledge to modernise the NHS and reduce waiting time. If we do not succeed, we will keep on fighting.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    03 Apr 2020

    You raise a lot of problems here, plucky_oboe. Parking charges create a lot debate - do you think hospitals should be allowed to charge money to patients and families for parking their car at a hospital, even if that money then goes to the NHS?

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