The Beneficial National Community’s manifesto

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"Good afternoon. My name is Valuable_insect and I am the leader of the BNC (Beneficial National Community). I am here today to present our healthcare manifesto. The NHS is and should be Britain's pride and joy."

"First of all, the NHS is a bit short on money. This means they will not always have enough money to improve their IT systems, for example, and make sure your healthcare quality is still excellent. We promise to increase the amount of funding given to the NHS by £23 billion, therefore giving them the money they need to fix any problems they may have."

"Also if we are voted in, we will invest money into mental health services to make sure they are treated the same as physical health services. My team and I went to speak to some NHS workers, and we found out the NHS agrees that we should put more financial support into mental healthcare. Mental health is getting affected by people making unhealthy lifestyle choices, so without banning anything, we will improve education on this topic."

"In addition to this, we want to make sure there are enough members of staff working for the National Health Service (NHS). We plan to increase pay for NHS staff workers, as this may make more people want to join this fantastic service. This is an urgent problem that needs addressing, that there are 100,000 NHS staff roles vacant. They need more staff now."

"Furthermore, we pledge to build 50 more hospitals in the UK. This is priority because people are getting more and more illnesses as the days go by and there simply aren't enough hospitals in the UK for the NHS to deal with everyone's problems as fast as they need dealing with. I will insure that by the end of 2022 we will have 50 more hospitals in the UK."

"Finally, the BNC believe that we should increase healthy living to help reduce obesity. 28% of adults in the UK are obese. Battling obesity matters because if you are obese you are more likely to get illnesses. If too many people are obese, the NHS will not be able to deal with yours and everybody else's healthcare problems how they should. We pledge to make UK obesity rates reduce by the year 2022."

"We promise to deliver these results, because the future of the NHS is one of our priorities. We will always hold ourselves accountable!"

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