The Beneficial National Community Manifesto

Hello everyone, I hope you all are safe and well! This term's Final Piece is to write a manifesto for the BNC party. Focusing on the National Health Service. Personally, my manifesto is a speech which I have told the Parliament and I address 'Mr Speaker' as the is the person who keeps order in the house. Right now, the acting Speaker is Sir Lindsay Hoyle. In additions to writing this speech in my style, I also quoted Winstone Churchill and took arts of his speech and adapted it to mine. By the way, as schools have closed I have not had a proper session with my teacher and so it has been harder trying to compose a final piece. It's all I got, and I have tried my best so don't call me out! :)

The BNC Manifesto:

'Good morning Mr speaker. Good Morning to the house, as you all know the pressures are rising and the general election will be taking place very soon. All party leaders were called out today to inform the public, the people, the civilians and of course this honourable house to determine their place in the race to become a government. A nation. A country! I Emily Evans, leader and founder of the Beneficial National Community shall take today on the errors of the National Healthcare Service and why we as a country need to pull together, vote for the BNC and live lives worth fighting for! Mr Speaker, there is a solution to all of the problems with the NHS. The money. The funding. How? You all may ask. Well, if we had more funding, then the NHS would have more hospitals more waiting rooms, more freedom.

Now I hate the idea of privatising. I hate the idea of upgrading tech. I hate the idea of these silly ideas! For we can become the idea. We can become the nation which fought problems after problems. The solutions to all these problems are not the funding nor is it the tech. It is the people. Mr Speaker, and to everyone: whether you are watching at home, or even in this chamber today, the solution lies with the people. The people of this country who we shall forevermore be grateful to. The people who we shall forevermore be in debt to. How does the answer to all of our problems lie with the commoners? Mr Speaker, these are tumultuous times. We live in turmoil and fear. We live in fear of payment and money.

However, Mr Speaker, as Winston Churchill himself said 'Conquer We must, Conquer we shall', we shall conquer the problem of today. The NHS. We must conquer the problems of today! But Mr Speaker, the answer to all our problems is o promote healthy choices! If we essentially promote healthy choices and encourage the people to eat healthily, excersise, here and there people will listen. Then everyone will listen. And I know you all may think: What about the rulebreakers? Well, if we enforce the rules, make them hard to break, keep sending out leaflets, then people will have to give in and it will be willingly. After doing so, fewer people would have to use the NHS, meaning technology would not buzz out and we won't need to privatise, As well as this, a bonus to all of our efforts innocent people, who have done nothing wrong will be able to get treated without waiting for hours upon hours. In addition to this, we will save more money and can save up to improve our country for the better and forever!

Now, Mr Speaker, I do have a few short term goals, which shall be easily conceived, however, if we do promote healthy choices everything will be easier. Some of these short term goals are: Train younger people in medicine, have workshops for the elderly so that they do not need to call every second and can analyse themselves, have workshops at school, train first aiders at school and so on and so forth.

Sir, I take up my task with buoyancy and hope that the people shall be fond of my party and shall be proud that this particular party is focusing on what all Britons are proud of. The NHS. Many people shall not believe my political plans and I have nothing against that. But Mr Speaker, I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat. We have before us an ordeal, which we as a government must come together and mend. You may ask what is our policy. Well, our policy is Victory. Victory against the falling of the NHS! '


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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    25 Mar 2020

    A superb final piece, artistic_opinion! Thank you for persevering to write it even when you're not in school - I hope this will inspire many others to do the same! Can you tell us why you chose to quote Winston Churchill?

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  • Arnhem-Wharf-logo-250x250.jpg artistic_opinion | Arnhem Wharf Primary School
    25 Mar 2020

    Hi Tom, personally, I would like to be a politician when I am older and I look up to Winston Churchill. In his time, I believe he was the greatest politician of his time, as he came from the war office all the way to Parliament, as well as this, he is a really good speaker and I was listening to one of his speeches the 'conquer we must conquer we shall' to be precise, and I realised that he was such an inspiration and such a good-hearted, ambitious person that it would great for me to quote him.

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    1. Hammond School logo adventurous_tennis | Hammond Junior School B
      artistic_opinion's comment 03 Apr 2020

      great response to Tom @ the BNC great use of history and what you believe (>_<)

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