Should we spend more money on the NHS.

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The NHS is really struggling to cope with the pressure of patients and the targets they have been given to achieve. In the future I think this is going to get worse as the population increases and we live longer. I think that the government should invest a lot more money in the nhs now and for the future. The problem is, where should that money be spent?

Should it be on staff as the daily mail says that 100,500 full time jobs are not filled , this is 11,200 Drs jobs and 43,000 nurses that we need. So some of the money should be spent on that – and then educating people to train for these jobs as well, then we will have more Drs and nurses in the future.

New equipment so that treatment can be quicker and easier for patients. Better buildings so that patients are more comfortable. Better computer systems so that all the services are using the same computer programs so that the patients get better treatment , and the government achieve the paper free health care system that they are trying to get by 2020 (although they only have the rest of this year to get this goal).

Boris Johnson in his manifesto stated that he would strive to build 40 new hospitals but has only got 6 hospitals out of the 40 being built.

I know that this would cost a lot of money and wonder where all this money can come from – would people be happy to pay more tax to help the nhs stay alive?

These are my ideas on how the money should be spent – what do you think?

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