should we pay for the NHS?

I think what should happen is if you have a severe case or are really young then you shouldn't have to pay. if you are over the age if (18-70) then you should have to pay.the maximum you should have to pay is £10. for the medication it should probably be £12 pounds. if you are over the age of 70 then you shouldnt have to pay.

so ages 1 to 18 shouldn't pay

ages 18-70 should pay

70 and over are for free

this is what i think should happen

what does happen now is every thing is free

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  • Hillyfield School logo articulate_watermelon | Hillyfield Primary Academy
    05 Mar 2020

    I think you should not have to pay for the NHS because some pepole in the world are really poor and can never buy stuff because they spent their money on stuff, they may be homeless and got the coronavirus. If their homeless, their poor, right? But what if the stuff they donate is not enough for the NHS?


    I think we should pay for the NHS because it takes a lot of time for these poor patients to get better. Imagine a newborn with a broken leg AND the coronavirus. Hospitals and the NHS (similar thingys) are very important to us and does such hard work for these ill and hurt patients.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this comment

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  • Ormiston Sudbury Academy blithesome_guava | Ormiston Sudbury Academy
    10 Mar 2020

    I disagree with the your statement that say "18-70 should pay".
    My reasons are is no one should have to pay for medical attention it is a major problem and should be treated as soon as possible. Why should they have to pay? Well there is no reasons for us to have to pay to get the help we need. What if somebody has gotten cut and is 21 should they pay to get the help they need or should they just get the medical help as soon as possible. What is somebody is homeless and can't afford to pay. Should we leave them or actually do the right thing and not make them have to pay in the first place? Why should 18-70 have to pay why not 16 and 17 have to pay they can earn money.
    In conclusion I disagree what has been stated in this post and think that 18-70 should not have to pay.

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