Should we pay for our healthcare?

I personally dont think that we should pay for our healthcare because people who dont have alot of money could of went to hospital and woudnt be able to pay for the treatment and wouldnt be treated but their is two sides to this ongoing debate in this issue.

Other people might say that we should pay because the NHS is running low on money and I agree with this fully but we could just donate to the NHS so it can get more money to hire people,get more beds,more rooms,more equipment and more money to do surgery on people.That could also help us now because if someone gets the CoronaVirus they can get rid of it rather quickly(and find a cure to it)instead of(not purposely) making the people with it wait for about 2-3 weeks(or more) to get out of hospital to see their family or to see the outside world after being trapped inside a huge building with lots of sick people inside.

I would like to see your opinions and to see why you think that.I would also like to see people challenging my opinion as well.

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