Should the PrimeMinister or Goverment care more about the NHS ?

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The PrimeMinister should give more money to the NHS to be able to afford more beds and the right equipment they need to help all patients that need help but that doesnt seem like its happening .

They have to do something ,this can affect many lifes that is strongley bad .The PrimeMinister and goverment should care more about our health and also about the equipment that can amazingly help us too ,if they dont do anything that can seriously cause problems like /deaths,problems in breathing and heart attacks and even more .Beacause there are less hospital bed and equipments , about 83 people who have waited long die because they didnt get to really care or have time to look at there condition. Thanks for reading successful_context

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  • Hammond School logo spirited_pear | Hammond Junior School A
    28 Feb 2020

    Yes they should because if we get ill then the NHS is their to help us get better but they need more money to do that for all of us. The NHS is one of the biggest parts of everyone's lives as if you suddenly fall ill you do not have to be stressed about wether you will have enough money to pay for you treatment. So the government does need to give more money to the NHS so they can keep England and tourist safe and healthy.

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  • Upton-Cross-logo-250x250.jpg compassionate_seal | Upton Cross Primary School
    28 Feb 2020

    I agree and disagree on this because yes the government should give more money to the NHS because you don't know where and when people with serious medical inures or diseases can happen and they need to go to hospital straight away.It is true that the NHS save our lives and to children they are very friendly and they need to get more entartaining stuff for children so the prime minister does need to give more money.On the other hand iwould think no the NHS shouldn't get more money then it has right now because the NHS is not the only thing there is many more stuff the prime minister has to think about.Another reason is even if the NHS is helpful and kind but things like a mayor show should come before the NHS because it is making everyone smile and a mayor show only comes sometimes.

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg jolly_duck | Birchwood C of E Primary School
    29 Feb 2020

    As you have said your points are well explained but when you have said "about 83 people who have waited long die because they didn't get to care or have time to look at their condition." this may because there are many people show up to A&E as you would have seen in our first session, many people have died but where have you found out this information?

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      jolly_duck's comment 01 Mar 2020

      Good question jolly_duck - look forward to hearing the answer!

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