Should the NHS have a fast track system?

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I think this topic has been discussed offsite before, so I want to introduce it to the BNC.

In my opinion, a fast track system would have many pros and cons - the pros being the patients needing operations would get it quickly and if you have a cough you won't need a checkup right away. I do think the NHS has a system similar to this implemented at the moment, just not everywhere. This is similar to Italy's approach to hospitals with COVID-19 patients; younger patients get treatment earlier than older patients because older patients will die sooner so they should focus on th younger generation more.

On the downside, that would delay check-ups for others by a long time. For example, a person may have stage 1 cancer and needs a check up but another with clear symptoms of another disease will get fast track, resulting in the devlopment of the cancerous growth in the other patients body. (Of course this is just hypothetical.)

So what do you think? Do you think they need a fast track? Is it necessary or a waste of time? I'd love to hear your opinions.

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  • Alice.jpg EXPERT: Alice Raine, Senior Associate @ Clifford Chance
    19 Mar 2020

    If there was a fast-track system, who would decide whether the illness was sufficiently serious to deserve an earlier appointment? Is this an easy decision?

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