Should the NHS be WORLD WIDE!

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Have you ever thought that the NHS could be world wide?

Are first reason is that if the the NHS was worldwide the coronavirus may have postponed in china and there may be a vaccine😱! but as the NHS is not worldwide the Coronavirus is now in LONDON!!😱😱

The NHS has soma you MEDICATIONS that there would be enough for everyone in the World 🌍 for everyone a few are :





The NHS also could grow the hospital its already quite BIG but the more people you add the NHS won't only get a bigger in a building it while grow in a community 🏢 They also have alot of jobs including :


Scientists (who make medicines)


Know to go to the most recent virus the coronavirus (COVID-19) if your wondering what this has to do with the NHS being world wide well if the NHS had been able to help the first few people than it wouldn't be as bad it may still spread but it won't have as much as an a effect than it has know because there (the NHS ) are sending out SYMPTOMS letters on there website this is what one of them says :

Stay at home for 7 days if you have these symptoms:

. A high temperature-you feel hot to touch your chest and back

. A new continuous cough

The NHS also helps us when we're ill some of the things they help us with are :

Broken bones


Mental health


But the NHS could not only help us it could help the whole WORLD 🌍 it can help country's who don't have are priveledegs like:




If you think about it the NHS has saved 200 LIVES 😱😱 but they are UK lives not other people's lives which we find unfair.

It makes us feel angry😡 that not many people have a national health service even though we pay a little money from our tax every month we still don't have to pay for hospital appointments where as other people do how is that FAIR!👿

It also makes us feel sorry for other people and it makes me want to cry 😭😭😿 it's not fair that people are suffering but it's not just people it's FAMILYS 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 one person gets ill then other person gets ill and so on imagine if that was you how would you feel ?😭

Coment and tell us what you think ?


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  • Portobello-logo-250x250.jpg fiery_durian | Portobello High School
    20 Mar 2020

    If the NHS is went world wide it could save them cause they would have more tax payers so better health care.

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  • St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg free_wallaby | St Gregory's Catholic Primary School
    22 Mar 2020

    I think that the NHS should be WOLD WIDE because people for example in America someone that might of retired might of had to pay $1,000 and might not have enough

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  • Hammond School logo happy_politics | Hammond Junior School A
    25 Mar 2020

    I do not think the NHS should go world-wide. This is because the NHS is already struggling to cope with the healthcare of the UK alone. Having the whole world under it’s care would be EXTREMELY hard to manage and could be overbearing.

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  • Hammond School logo happy_politics | Hammond Junior School A
    25 Mar 2020

    (I accidentally pressed add comment! This is the comment continued.)
    In addition to this, there are countries whose private healthcare companies might have better and more modern equipment. They may start to feel uncomfortable with the equipment they are being treated with. Adding to my point, some countries may need a lot of healthcare and then the NHS will struggle there too.
    Another point is, although this is not a problem, they’ll have to change their name from ‘National Health Service’ to ‘International Health Service’, making it the ‘IHS’.

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      happy_politics's comment 25 Mar 2020

      These are important things to think about, happy_politics, well done for bringing them to our attention.

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  • Hammond School logo wonderful_skill | Hammond Junior School B
    25 Mar 2020

    i love all this feed back you have a good point happy_politics but if it was world wide the hospital would be bigger🤯

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