Should the government spend more money on the NHS and if so where should it be spent?

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The NHS is really struggling to cope with the pressure of patients and the targets they have been given to achieve. In the future I think this is going to get worse as the population increases and we live longer. I think that the government should invest a lot more money in the nhs now and for the future. The problem is, where should that money be spent?

Should it be on staff as the daily mail says that 100,500 full time jobs are not filled , this is 11,200 Drs jobs and 43,000 nurses that we need. So some of the money should be spent on that – and then educating people to train for these jobs as well, then we will have more Drs and nurses in the future.

New equipment so that treatment can be quicker and easier for patients. Better buildings so that patients are more comfortable. Better computer systems so that all the services are using the same computer programs so that the patients get better treatment , and the government achieve the paper free health care system that they are trying to get by 2020 (although they only have the rest of this year to get this goal).

Boris Johnson in his manifesto stated that he would strive to build 40 new hospitals but has only got 6 hospitals out of the 40 being built.

I know that this would cost a lot of money and wonder where all this money can come from – would people be happy to pay more tax to help the nhs stay alive?

These are my ideas on how the money should be spent – what do you think?


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  • avatar.jpg EXPERT: Chloe Storey, Paralegal @ Clifford Chance
    27 Feb 2020

    Thanks for your interesting post funny_power and for referencing your sources! Why do you think the NHS is struggling to find new doctors and nurses?

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  • Hillyfield School logo shrewd_climate | Hillyfield Primary Academy
    27 Feb 2020

    I really liked your post funny_power. In my opinion I think that the NHS definitely should be payed more because they are saving lives and helping people, maybe even sacrificing there lives. Not just actually giving heart donations,lung donations or what have you,but also taking the risk of getting an illness from a patient. Football player's even get payed more than the NHS ,people do love football but it is not as important as NHS!

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  • Hammond School logo valuable_insect | Hammond Junior School E
    28 Feb 2020

    The Question

    The NHS (national health service) is a very important and famous hospital that was originally built in England. It is so famous and important because it was the first hospital made that hospital staff, doctors, pharmacists, nurses and dentists all worked together to make one big organisation to provide free health services to anyone who needs it in the UK. But at the moment it is failing partly because as it charges no money, they don’t have the money to buy the medical and surgical equipment that they need to have to perform surgeries and make life-saving cures for dangerous diseases. The main question of this post? Should we give the NHS the money they need, or should we watch it fail? Read on to find out.

    The Power of Money

    The power of money is absolutely HUGE. Not enough? You don’t have enough money to purchase the things you need. Too rich? It’s fun for a bit but then it all goes downhill. At the momen, the NHS is in the ‘Not enough‘ column. This is why they need more money. Picture the scene: you have a life-threatening disease/illness and you’ve just taken a 2 hour car ride to the NHS to get the medicine you need. All of the other doctors and pharmacists you have gone to don’t have the medicine you need, but NHS has, or at least you think it has, what you want. You arrive at the NHS and when you find staff, you realise that the NHS has such a small amount of money that they don’t have what you need in stock. Imagine how terrible you’d feel. Sadly, this does happen to some people. I believe we should save those people by giving the NHS what they need, money. Like I said, the power of money is bigger than you can imagine.

    My Opinion

    My opinion on giving the NHS more money is, yes, we should. The NHS DESERVES more money for everything they’ve done for us. Providimg us free healthcare, don’t you think we should show our appreciation more by giving them more money? With more money, the NHS could give us even better care, such as replacing their computers that can’t communicate with one and other to ones that can.


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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      valuable_insect's comment 01 Mar 2020

      A strong example of speaking up here, valuable_insect, well done!

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg honorable_meerkat | Michael Faraday School
    02 Mar 2020

    The NHS provides free healthcaret o the UK.They provide free healthcare because the government recieves some money from workers called 'tax payers'. That money is allocated to the NHS, education, enviroment and more.
    In my opinion I think that they invest not enough to the NHS as the electronic system they- have twenty-one different types of electronics stystems- and none of them cooperate together acordingly which could lead to lost data, that could guide to worsening someone's medical situation. Their targets which didn't work out, was 95% of people in A&E were to see a doctor or nurse within four hours that didn't work out. The health secretary 'Matt Hancock' explained that if this is not working he would scrap this idea or change these targets. I believe he should not adjust these ideas at all. Firstly, if they invested more it could be spent on more beds, more hospitals and they could recruit more doctors and nurses as they lack them as well. In January 2020 approximately two million one hundred thousand visits were made to A&E in England which is extremely suprising.They lack doctors and nurses which leads to some patients having to remain awaiting until they are available which is astonishing and 10 million operations are carried out each year and some have to wait further so if more doctors,nurses and surgeons are recruited some patients don't have to await long. More money is required for medicines and treatment as it costs eighty times as much to administer a ninety year old than a thirty year old because thier medical issue is more complex or long-term which too is unthinkable.

    20% is spent on healthcare ( the NHS)
    12% is spent on education( schools)
    2% is spent on the enviroment( Our climate)
    I personnaly think more should be designated on the NHS ,This is unacceptable

    Honorable _ Meerkat

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      honorable_meerkat's comment 02 Mar 2020

      Well done for bringing in knowledge from your BNC sessions. Where would the government find the money to help get over these problems?

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  • Hammond School logo hilarious_fruit | Hammond Junior School A
    06 Mar 2020

    The money should be spent on staff.

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    1. Harriet-Website_1000x1000.jpg | None
      hilarious_fruit's comment 06 Mar 2020

      Can you say why @hilarious_fruit?

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  • Hammond School logo fantastic_world | Hammond Junior School F
    08 Mar 2020

    I think that the government should spend a bit more money on the NHS because around the world at the moment there has been a lot of cases about the Coronavirus virus and there has been a lot of cases in the uk so I think that they should spend the money on isolation units to stop it spreading any farther. Also maybe they should spend the money on making a new hospital with isolation units in because if China can build a hole knew hospital in 2 weeks than surely we can build a knew hospital.

    I do think that the government should give more money to the NHS but I think they should give more money to other places as well like hospices because they don’t get that much money even though they are looking after people who are really ill.

    Thank you for reading

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