Should the NHS get better funding?

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So before we get deep into the main question I'll shed some light on what's going on. The NHS have gotten themselves into a tight situation due to the fact that they only get around 5% of the governments money even though Boris Johnson stated "The NHS is there for us when we are sick."This has lead to the NHS having outdated technology and the hundreds of jobs that aren't filled. So now we know what's going on let's delve into the question.

At first I pretty much answered the question with "yes" but after looking around the issue I found there were positives and negatives to the question so decide after you look at both sides.


  • The NHS could fill up those jobs so more people can get treated at a time;
  • They could upgrade their technology so patients can get treated more effeciantly and quicker and
  • more profit means better medicine and equipment


  • This would mean that government money so things such as a brexit negotiation would be more difficult to fund;
  • this would divide attention from things like climate change and
  • this would decrease the percentage of even more things.

So after looking at both outcomes decide on the big question should the NHS get better funding?

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