Should medicine be free?


The NHS is a world renowned service and saves many lives. There are many different roles for the NHS some more known than others. When you leave the NHS they may give you medicine but it's not always for free here is a list of what you need to have free medicine:

are 60 or over

are under 16

are 16 to 18 and in full-time education

are pregnant or have had a baby in the previous 12 months and have a valid maternity exemption certificate

have a specified medical condition and have a valid medical exemption certificate (MedEx)

have a continuing physical disability that prevents you going out without help from another person

here are some reason for having medicine completely free:

1. A reason to have completely free medicine is that if someone needs to take it straight away they don't have time to pay.

2. another reason to not pay is that they might not be able to pay or is able but is not able to get money back (Lost the job or not getting paid enough).

3. they might need long term or semi long term medicine and not be able to get money back easily so can't really pay for it

4. finally they might need to get lots of medicine for one reason and can't afford to get them all therefore only getting semi-treatment.

of course there are many other reasons for it to be free but this is just some. Now we can move on to reasons to pay for medicine:

1. A reason to pay for medicine is all the money can go to a good cause such as the NHS ect

2. Another reason to pay is that the people working there can get paid but if they don't they will probably leave to find a job that will get paid but if they leave than no medicine for anyone.

3. Yet again a reason to pay for medicine is that people could take medicine for the sake of it just because its free.(or even because they'll be taking it from the people who could need it!)

4. Finally the money can go to reserch for new medicine for stuff like cancer or covid 19. (coronavirus)

hope you enjoyed reading.


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  • Lyons Hall Primary School clever_ocean | Lyons Hall Primary School B
    23 Mar 2020

    I think that we should have medicine for free because businesses are hanging by threads as it is and that means that people need to save money. In addition, the medicine does cost a lot most of the time, and jobs have been cancelled so people are earning not as much money.
    However, I think that we shouldn't have medicine for free because even if we did have it for free for a short amount of time, they would have cut down on how much money they are supposed to get. Also, they have absolutely tones of patients every month and the majority of them would need medicine, paracetamol etc.

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      clever_ocean's comment 23 Mar 2020

      If medicines were free, who would be paying for it?

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  • St-Barnabas-logo-250x250.jpg elated_parrot | St Barnabas C of E Primary School
    23 Mar 2020

    I think that there are pros and cons of this.

    If medicine was free, there would be a lot less disease around the world and things like the coronavirus would be defeated quicker and more efficiently than now.

    Despite this, a lot more bad came come from this than good. If medicine was free than there would be more chances of those who'll use it wrongly. Also, if ibuprofen was free than there might be a surge in asthma because it affects the respiratory system (the breathing system). Not only this but if medicines were free than where will it come from? Medicine will become overused and we would soon run out because there would be no profit for the NHS and so that will fail. In addition, by over-using medicine there will not be enough for those people who really need it.

    Personally, I have not decided whether medicine being free would be good or bad but reading this over there is more chance of the situation getting worse. Sure, this pandemic would be over future ones will be more dangerous because of the lack of medicine.

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      elated_parrot's comment 24 Mar 2020

      Some well thought-out and original points. Well done.

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg gregarious_moon | Boutcher C of E Primary School B
    23 Mar 2020

    It depends what medicine it is because some might be really strong and do a lot of change to your body. If it is quite weak then I think it should be free.

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School happy_fact | Lyons Hall Primary School B
    23 Mar 2020

    On the one hand some people think that medicine should be for free because some people out there are living with some really bad health conditions which need help very often. Some people with these conditions cannot afford to pay for medical help of medicine. Some of these medical conditions mean that people could die because they cant get the help that they need. If medicines would be for free it would mean that the NHS would have to pay for them by themselves which would be a struggle.
    On the other hand, other people think that medicines should not be for free because the NHS cant afford to pay for all the things that we need to stay strong as a country. If they did pay for them they wouldn't have any money for other things such as medical care, ambulances or hospitals for people to get other treatments or operations. The people that are poor will just have to deal with being poor and get through it because they think that everyone should be treated the same.
    To conclude I think that people with no money can get the help they need for free but people with enough money will have to pay. Although not everyone is treated the same I think that it is fair because everyone will get help if they need it.
    Well that's all from me
    Thanks for reading

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  • Faringdon-logo-250x250.jpg accomplished_reality | Faringdon Community College
    23 Mar 2020

    Medication should be free. People shouldn't be expected to pay for medicine especially as many are in poverty here in the UK. Medicines are vital to keep us alive, and making people pay for their life is not right. It is not right to put people in a life or death situation and just tell them to pay or die. People often come into bad situations and if you had to pay for medication and couldn't afford it then they could die. Without medicine the world would have ended a long time a go and forcing people to pay money is not good.

    However if it was free, who would pay for it? The NHS do not have much money and could not afford it. The simple answer is we must pay. We already have most of our health care free so why have more? It is not hard to pay £10 or so for a prescription for medicine. But when you are a company that receive low income and are under stress, it adds up to become millions. Companies like the NHS with a small amount of money cannot afford to have this written on their bill. We should not rely on the NHS to buy all our equipment so making it easier: everyone should have to pay. It is a small amount of money but can have a big affect on the NHS.

    In conclusion, no on should have to pay for medicine. However the NHS would have to pay so this is unfair. People should have to pay as it is only a small amount and most people would be able to afford it.

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  • Allerton-logo-250x250.jpg powerful_ocean | Allerton High School
    23 Mar 2020

    I believe that medication should be free if you have a on an ongoing illness that means you need a monthly, weekly or daily prescription as they may not be able to found medication . But if you were to have a virus you should be made to pay for medication unless the virus were to be life threatening .

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      powerful_ocean's comment 24 Mar 2020

      Certain ongoing medical illnesses mean that you don't have to pay for prescriptions. You can find out which ones are eligible here:

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  • Portobello-logo-250x250.jpg free_speech | Portobello High School
    23 Mar 2020

    I personally think that medicine should be free, medicine saves lives and in Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights it says "We all have the right to life, and to live in freedom and safety." and if it doesn't save lives then it definitely causes lower pain. The only people who will have medication is rich people and and in Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights it says "These rights belong to everybody, whatever our differences." including financial. Whether it's small medication or big medication it doesn't matter. I have a sick grandparent who is poor and couldn't afford to buy a small pack of paracetamol for £5 and if she doesn't get medication then they will be in a lot of pain and i couldn't sit back and just watch that. If you think that because someone isn't rich for any reason(old, drug addict, alcoholic, bad back round, pregnant, divorced, depressed, ect.) so the should be in pain, then you are absolutely sick. If you think you can completely destroy the entire point of the NHS and all medical centers, to take care of people who need medical help then your hopeless because Scotland is proud of the NHS and you cant take it away from us.

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      free_speech's comment 24 Mar 2020

      Well done for referring to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You clearly have strong opinions about people who think differently. Why do you think they would feel this way, and why do you think their reasoning is incorrect?

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  • Noel-Park-logo-250x250.jpg zestful_octopus | Noel Park Primary School
    24 Mar 2020

    I think it should be free because people might not have enough money for any medicine but if its like it makes your body super power full then I think it should at least cost 1 pound or 2 or maybe less because you don't know if the poor people need some super powerfull medicine.

    Thank you for getting enough time for reading my post

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  • global-conversation.png meticulous_koala | Kitengela Academy | Kenya
    02 May 2020

    I agree with you people may not have enough money for treatment or for enough medicine l think it should be for free.

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