Should everyone get free health care?

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Should everyone get free health care?

This has been a question opposed by many people, but what is the answer? In this post we will be showing both sides of the argument for this question.


Some people think that free health care is a priority, or a human right. They might think this because if someone had an injury or an illness, it I should not their fault so why do they need to spend their money on something they didn't do? I think that there should be free health care because if someone was in a state of urgency for health care and they were a homeless person they wouldn't be able to pay for health care if they we're only local to a private health care company which they have to pay for. This means their injury or illness would never be fixed or cured. Alhough, this problem could be easily solved if health care were made free.

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I feel that health care should cost at least £10 to £15 for something as simple as a check up to something as big as an operation because although it is great to know that you have free health care, but if one day the government changed its laws and terms for the NHS and they lowered the amounts of money they gave them then suddenly the NHS could not be able to afford all the equipment they have now And this could really effect the NHS. So if you get money from check ups and opperations then if the government lower the amounts of money they give, then the NHS would still have plenty of money.

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