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Good afternoon everyone. My name is respectful_cookie and I stand here proudly representing the wonderful BNC party in my pursuit of the leadership of the country.

Today, I want to talk about something that I see is a major issue affecting our splendid and amazing country- not only today, but the future: the NHS. How many of you would stand up and say that the NHS is something that makes you proud that you’re British and makes you think that you are brilliant because of it? How many of you would shout from the rooftop how valuable and precious the NHS has been to our country? How many of you would speak with tears in your eyes about the wonderful things the NHS has done to make you healthy and happy? True as it may be, the sad fact of the matter is this. The NHS won’t be around much longer if we don’t start doing something now to fix the issues it has been facing in the recent years. We need to do something now before it’s too late and the important health service that we rely so much crumbles into dust and is going to be useless.

It saddens me to have to talk about the problems facing the NHS but I need you to know what we’re up against. The NHS England has more than 100,000 jobs that are not filled at the moment; the NHS 111 and 999 handles way over 1 million telephone calls each month; the cost of the healthcare continues to go up as it needs more money to help make the service better; obesity is becoming a major issue for healthcare providers; and worst of all, in December- for the first time in human history- every major A&E unit across the country failed to hit its waiting target. These are some of the problems but now what about the solutions?

As I mentioned previously, obesity is becoming a major issue in the UK. In fact, 28% of the whole population is now obese, with nearly 3 times as many people around the world obese now that in 1975. That’s a massive increase! I believe that education is the key to this: going into schools and talking to the children about the affect that an unhealthy lifestyle can have not just on them but as the country as a whole is the only way to fix this problem. And that is exactly what I intend to do if you vote me as your leader.

IT systems are an inconsistent mess. Massive amounts of paper are still being used by some hospitals which may not sound like a major problem but it is. These inconsistencies in the systems used waste time, and time is not something that the NHS can afford to waste. In addition, paper is not permanent: records can be lost and misinformation can lead to the wrong treatments being given. If we are able to ensure that there is a consistent technological system across all hospitals and doctors surgeries in the UK, this will save a lot of time and confusion. It is a simple task but one that requires financial support from the government. I am willing to give that support.

Finally, for me, the number one thing we need to do is to offer more funding to the NHS. Healthcare costs are increasing and, without additional funding, the NHS simply won’t be able to continue operate at the level it does now. The NHS needs to be able to buy the medicines and equipment it needs to treat both old and new diseases; it should have the money it needs to make improvements to the IT systems, both in terms of technology and additional training to staff; it needs more funding to pay for more hospitals, more beds, as a financial incentive for nurses to train… the list goes on. Funding is what would help the NHS to become a better service and make it even more remarkable than it is today.

With me in charge, we can make a start on helping the NHS regain its former glory. Vote for me, and give the NHS the funding it needs to do its job.

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