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On Monday, In our BNC session, we had to make a chant for a protest, to do with the NHS. Our group decided to do one about modernising it. This means putting better systems in place, resulting in less waiting and fewer errors when looking for patient's medical records. In the PowerPoint that we watched the man said, "that the systems took fifteen minutes to load up a patient's medical records." This means that it is less efficient and it also causes the rest of the day to not run smoothly. Furthermore, if a patient's records cannot load up efficiently, that means that the hospital isn't sure of what medication to give them since they might be allergic to something. For example, old people have many different health problems so if the NHS gave them new medication, they would be unaware of how it could affect their other illnesses. Although people could just tell the doctors what they cannot have, people who are deaf or visually impaired would find it difficult to communicate.

Our chant is below and it is best if you chant or sing it to the chorus of "Macarena."

The NHS is failing,

We need to sort it out now,

The systems are failing so people could die,

Let's do this protest here and right now,

Let's modernise!

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    13 Mar 2020

    Thank you for sharing your chant! Not only is it a great example of speaking up but you've also included your reasons behind choosing it, which helps us understand your thinking. Well done!

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg memorable_orchard | Michael Faraday School
    18 Mar 2020

    I would like to do a chant for Privatise, Modernise and Promote Healthy Choices; I would like to share my viewpoint in different perspectives.

    The NHS should go incognito,
    As what they receive is as small as a Cheeto,
    Privatise the NHS,
    Then maybe they'd be under less stress.

    I think the NHS should be privatised because, due to 100,000 job spaces not being filled for the NHS, the stress is doubled because as the NHS staff diminish, our population and sicknesses enlarge, not to mention how much it would cost for ONE 90-year-old to be treated! Therefore, the pressure is tripled due to the accurateness, speediness and calmness they would need to treat patients. Therefore, the pressure would be halved with the extra few pair of hand the private company are handing to the NHS. Also, that would mean the patient treatment would be more effective as Private companies have technology which is more modern than the NHS's. It would be more beneficial if it didn't take 15 minutes to load one computer. I say this because it may be fatal. If a patient is very unwell and the doctor does not know the correct medications to give to them, the computer would be very vital as it can help check their medical history. However, if it is taking a long time to load, the NHS might not be able to save them. Old and faulty It would be much slower and would not give an accurate or quick diagnosis, whereas more modern technology would be more accurate and clearer. I will also do a poem against privatising the NHS:

    The NHS shouldn't try to go undercover,
    Because imagine how much everyone would suffer,
    Where is the N in the NHS,
    When nobody can afford it, how is it a great success?

    I think the NHS shouldn't be privatised because it would change the name 'NHS' completely. The NATIONAL health service is for the Nation, everyone. However, if they privatise it, it is not for everyone anymore which puts a completely different meaning to the name. Human rights are very vital in the UK and everyone should have it. Equality is one fo the main human rights, meaning nobody should be more powerful than another and that everyone should get what they're supposed to get. Therefore, privatising the NHS would be violating our rights, which is against the law. Also, privatising the NHS would be manslaughter. If equality is vital in the UK and that means everyone should be able to have the same thing. Therefore, healthcare (free or not) should be a right as it is associated with equality. Therefore, if we have the right to use the NHS and the prices are too high for us to pay, we would not be able to pay. This would result in us becoming sicker and sicker. We would not be able to buy medicines at this time around due to covid-19. Also, some illnesses like a stroke would need immediate special treatment, meaning the would need o go the hospital. If the place was privatised and the person is over 60, they would not be able to pay and consequences could again result in the person dying, which is manslaughter because it was their fault that the person died.

    Maybe if computers had a better memory,
    Then the systems to load data wouldn't be so accessory,
    Modernise the NHS to improve daily lives,
    Then see how the NHS's quality thrives!

    I think the NHS should modernise because it would decrease the number of systems they have to use for patients' data. Old technology produces fossil fuels which are not eco-friendly. Therefore, new IT would be more accustomed to the modern world and would be more beneficial for our everyday lives. Also, new IT could decrease the strain on the NHS. In December 2019, the NHS could not achieve their 4-hour-target for the A&E, the crashy computers and other faulty systems may have been the cause of that and due to that, their quickness may have made them make mistakes, which would mean they give the patient the wrong medicine and the condition would worsen, meaning they would have to start over again and time would be running out. However, could robots decrease the strain the NHS has? Robots would be more beneficial because you would not have to pay them, which would save paying an employee their yearly salary. This could be used for IT in the future. The NHS should be Modernised because with more systems that would mean there are more chances to solve illnesses. For example, with the new IT instead of going through chemotherapy for cancer and losing your hair, it could be a shorter process and the new It could make a new and more convenient antidote like a pill or injections so the process is quicker and uses fewer systems. I will also do a poem against modernising the NHS:

    Modernising the NHS may make us more zest,
    But updating and loading is more like a quest,
    The systems would be down,
    Lives are on the line every minute, if the machinery isn't working, then we might have a mental breakdown!

    I think we shouldn't modernise the NHS because as I mentioned in my chant, it would take a while for them to install the devices. 'Be careful about what you wish for', meaning you need to be wise before you choose something. Since the devices are new, it would take a while for the staff to get used to them. Therefore, it would take even longer to load data on because the user is not confident with the new system. Robots may not be suitable to support the NHS as if they were to perform surgery and there was a power cut, the results could be fatal, not to mention that robots cannot apply to new condition. For example, if a robot was to perform a tumour removal in the stomach of a patient but it then appeared that they were pregnant, the robot would only do what they were programmed to do (remove the stomach tumour) this would kill the patient as the process would be incorrect, which is again manslaughter. How can a government-funded service be breaking the government's laws? They should not modernise the NHS as hackers and thieves are less likely to come their way if their programming is not modern as most of the thieves and hackers nowadays are more certain with IT and technology today. Therefore, the NHS are safer from the bad part of society with the IT they have now.

    Health problems can be such a burden,
    Promoting healthy choices would make it not to worsen,
    Take sugar tax as advice instead of annoying,
    As you're benefitting no-one and, your livers are destroying!

    I think we should promote healthy choices because people's money is saved as they would not have to pay for treatment because of the advice that they are already being given, which would be both beneficial for society and staff. After all, that would mean there would be less strain on the NHS. We should also promote healthy choices as it could also benefit the staff. Due to the number of patients they have to treat daily, it is mentally unhealthy for the minuscule amount of staff when experiencing something like that, Therefore, promoting healthy choices would leave everyone physically and mentally healthy. If the NHS promoted healthy choices, it would put less food to waste. Some companies are healthy based and not enough people are buying it which means not enough employees are being paid and that would result in them not being able to pay income tax. Therefore, promoting healthy choices would be goodwill in multiple ways, which is is not healthwise but also moneywise! Promoting healthy choices would be an easy way to get around life. Instead of eating too much and eating too less, promoting healthy choices would balance people's weight, which will affect people's daily activity. For example, if you ere to be a doctor and your diet was not balanced, it could affect the way your brain functions and when administering a surgery, your mind would not be as capable to do what a healthy mind could do.

    The NHS can't tell us what to do,
    How to exercise, eat and what types of food,
    Who are they to tell us ad do you think we should listen to you?
    I do acknowledge they are trying to help us, but can't the NHS leave us alone and give us our solitude?

    I think that the NHS should not promote healthy choices because everyone has the right to direct their own lives. Therefore, the NHS cannot tell us what to do and what not to do or the Government does not have justice which is what a leader always needs and what good leaders have. We should not promote healthy choices because intensive farming would be more common due to the increasing population demanding healthy entities. Bees, which help pollinate some of the key ingredients in our diet like tomatoes. Without them, food like beans would be very hard to grow and more expensive to buy. Therefore, promoting healthy choices is more or less un-promoting healthy choices as there would be no more healthy choices to choose from, which would make society fall back into their unhealthy lifestyles once again and some fruits may never be seen again. Therefore, I say we should just leave society the way as it is as money would go to waste and time would go to waste and in the end, it would be a useless cycle of time-wasting. We shouldn't promote healthy choices because most people have allergies that will affect them critically if they were to be on a diet, some people are even allergic to water! Therefore, I do not think to promote healthy choices would be a good idea as once again, it would be useless and would just make people bounce back into their old, unhealthy ways to live life. Genuinely, I think it would be a waste of time to promote healthy choices as someone with asthma would find it hard and challenging to do. A person is supposed to be doing 1 hour of exercise daily, whereas a person with asthma has much less of an advantage. This would mean that they are most likely to sink back into their old ways and avoid exercise.

    Overall, I think what we should do is firstly Privatise the most least used part of the NHS so when it is privatised, it would affect an insignificant amount of people. When the NHS has sustained a good amount of money, they will then have the money to Modernise, which would decrease waiting lists and possibly may gain more staff! The NHS could simultaneously promote healthy choices with the new systems they have to battle unhealthy lives. In conclusion, I have a mixed mindset about what we should do with the NHS and shouldn't as it may be some of these solutions or possibly none of these solutions.

    Thank you for reading.

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      memorable_orchard's comment 19 Mar 2020

      Wow! Loads of great opinions and perspectives included here. An excellent use of the BNC skills. Well done!

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  • Hammond School logo fantastic_mode | Hammond Junior School B
    19 Mar 2020

    What is the chorus of macerana

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    1. Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg memorable_orchard | Michael Faraday School
      fantastic_mode's comment 19 Mar 2020

      You could search it up and get the chorus there!

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