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Good afternoon everyone, I, the leader of the Beneficial National Community, ‘Genuine Molecule’ will set out our party healthcare manifesto which will be focused on the NHS. As you know, the NHS is facing several issues especially now that we are facing a pandemic. The amount of beds in the NHS has halved from 300,000 to 150,000 since 2010. Beds are important because without enough beds there will be very long waiting times to get a bed at hospital and many people might not be able gain access to healthcare immediately. Many NHS staff must log into 15 different systems to do their job, this reduces productivity, even now many NHS patient records and data are still just on paper. What has caused all these problems? Underinvestment. Currently, approximately 30% percent of government spending goes to the NHS, this is not enough, a pandemic is on the loose, we need to scale up the funding the NHS gets, ideally, more than double what the NHS is getting now. How would we achieve this? We know that we need to invest in social care and global infrastructure and so much more and we still will because we are taking the correct approach. We are going to increase the taxes of people who earn above 100,000 pounds per year by 25 pounds, this money would go to the NHS. We would also increase the amounts of beds in the NHS with this tax rise to 400,000 beds. In addition to this, if our party were in government, we would organise fundraisers for the NHS, such as marathons and charity contests, this would also promote a healthy lifestyle, something we will detail on in the next point.

More than 20% of the population is obese or overweight, as a party we will spend up to 5 million pounds per year on promoting healthy choices around the UK through advertising and as I said earlier fundraising through sport and visiting places of education. This will lower the amount of overweight and obese people around the UK. This would help the NHS because if lots more people are aware about healthy choices then less people will be obese and get health complications and because of that, there would be less people in hospitals. Every little makes a difference.

Now detailing what I said about getting more beds, we can’t just cram beds into hospitals, we need to build more. Our goal is that by 2038 we will have increased the amount of hospitals we currently have by 50 to 60 percent; we will achieve this by setting up many charities and raising the taxes of the very rich. However, before we set out to complete this ambitious goal, we first need to modernise the current hospitals that people will continue to use for years. We will spend 10 billion on this, we will make hospitals space efficient and we will update the severely outdated electronic systems of the NHS.

We also will fight to raise the salary of NHS workers by 7% to make working at the NHS more attractive and fairer to the employees. This will hopefully then make the point people make about why they don’t want to be a front-line NHS worker because of the low pay will no longer be relevant. As a party we deeply care about the mental wellbeing of the citizens of the UK, so we will spend huge amounts on the social care system and fund it 20% more than now.

We understand that borrowing rates of governments have gone up. As a government we want to be careful about the amount of borrowing that we do to ensure that our economy remains stable. So, we would set limits on spending for different areas and will not go over these limits where possible, this makes for a more manageable budget. This would make sure we cannot overspend and fall into huge amounts debt too hard to pay off.

You should vote for us because we put your health first. If you put your trust in me, I will not fail, the NHS is what makes many Britons proud to be Britons, if you lay your trust in us, we can assure you that you will become prouder.

The health of our people matters, by 2021 we will make NHS treatment more accessible by making video calling doctors more widespread and take the next leap in technology to allow to do do-it-yourself check-ups and get a doctor to your house for a appointment with all the right equipment.

Thank you for listening, enjoy the rest of your afternoon.


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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    30 Mar 2020

    Well done for going ahead with your final piece even though you're not attending BNC sessions! Do you see any big challenges / obstacles in making your manifesto a reality? What would be the hardest thing to push through?

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  • Hammond School logo versatile_molecule | Hammond Junior School B
    30 Mar 2020

    I think that biggest challenge when it comes to making this manifesto a reality is getting the money to do it and managing the money to do it. For example: We want to increase the amount of beds in the NHS to 400,000... from the current 150 thousand, that mean more than doubling the amount of beds in the NHS. To do this we will have to build more hospitals. This comes with some challenges. On average, in the UK,it costs around 500,000 to 600,000 to build a standard hospital without roads equipment and infrastructure, very few hospitals in the UK have over 500 beds, so we would have build over 600 hospitals, now looking at it, that is pushing a bit to far! Adding to my point, we can not build hospitals that have the same technology as current hospitals, currently NHS staff sometimes have to log into up to 13 different systems to do their job, we can not repeat this in new hospitals, we will also have to invest in better IT, this will push the cost up even more, at this point we're into the billions. In addition to this, building more hospitals means that we will obviously have to employ more staff and pay them, this will add a lot to the cost especially when you consider that we want to increase NHS workers salaries by 7%.

    Now detailing what we said about how we would invest 5 million pounds per year into promoting healthy choices: I think this would be something that is a bit more realistic than the other points we made but once you take into account that we said we would be adding more beds to the NHS it becomes extremely expensive. In addition to this, over time I think 5 million pounds per year into promoting health choices would not be sustainable because firstly the cost: to do this for 5 years it would cost 25 million. As well as this, as good as this would be to do, it would have a mostly positive impact, it still has one other negative. If the NHS promotes healthy choices then less people might buy unhealthy food and drink, this is good but, the companies that make these unhealthy products might increase the price of their healthy foods because of the losses when it comes to unhealthy food, this means that a lot of people might find it hard to get healthy food. Take the company Innocent for example, they make sugar high smoothies but they also make healthy vegetable pots, if the NHS promotes healthy choices then innocent might get less people buying it's smoothies and then it might rise the price of it's vegetable pots. A positive is the NHS, if it promotes healthy choices, will deter a lot of people from eating unhealthy foods and drinks. This will reduce many people chances of getting diabetes, cancer and tooth decay and many more including obesity, promoting healthy choices might means that there would be less than 20% of adults that are obese. Less people with these types of diseases from eating and drinking unhealthily means that less strain is put n the NHS as there might be less patients.

    Another thing you have to consider is that while doing all of this we will have to invest in other things such as roads, education etc. Currently the government is spending a budget of 27 billion on building roads, I honestly do not think that with the amount we want to spend on the NHS we can even spend half of how much the government is spending now to build roads. We have to make sure we do not just spend on the NHS, just spending tons on the NHS will completely ruin the country, there are over 300,000 homeless people in the UK we also need to be addressing problems like these effectively. This is why I think this manifesto is unrealistic.

    Now on the point of video-calling doctors, this would be the easiest to push through as companies like Livy are already offering it, we would just need to add a bit more infrastructure. 90.64% of people in the UK have access to the internet, it is predicted that this percentage will rise to 94.85 percent so, this has a lot of potential.
    However, we would have to add these services to many hospitals and GPs across the UK to make a difference, this would take time. In addition to this, even this might be a struggle to do with the current spending plans of this manifesto.

    Now looking back, I strongly believe that this manifesto was extremely over ambitious. I think we needed to scale down everything a bit to make room for other important things, we focused to much on the NHS and as a result did not take into account that we have to spend on more than just the NHS.

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      versatile_molecule's comment 31 Mar 2020

      Excellent scepticism shown! Well done for testing your ideas, looking at the numbers behind each decision and taking time to re-reason. Great work!

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