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Good afternoon, my name is Bold Moon and I am a member of the Beneficial National Community. I am here today to tell you about how much money I am going to spend on the NHS's IT and why you should vote for me.

First of all, the NHS doesn't currently have great technology so that is the first thing I am aiming to fix.

If you do vote for me, all the money I invest will be spent on upgrading IT.

One way I promise I will fix this problem is to arrange online booking for all appointments.

In addition to this, I want people to start making healthier choices so they don't have to se a GP as much in the future. As a way to solve this problem I will have free fresh fruit delivered to every home, office and school door.

Furthermore, we pledge that in the future wealthier people will have to increase their contribution through higher income tax so that more money can be spent on the healthcare system.

We will keep all the promises that I have told you today and I take full responsibility for what we plan to change and if I do not deliver these promises you will be able to hold me to account. Finally, vote for the BNC as we will not only make this country healthier but also happier!

Thank you for listening today.

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    03 Apr 2020

    You say you will arrange online booking for all appointments - would this work for everyone or will it leave some people out? And what would you do if some couldn't get online?

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