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Hello I am loyal_desert and I am here to represent the Labour party. I am here to change the NHS to perfect our service for our everyday citizen's. Currently the NHS are dealing with some major problems and some problems to fix in the future.

One promise is that within the next 2 years we need more GP's trained.This will affect the amount of patients seen and the amount of appointments made so more jobs can be done and more lifes can be saved.Therefore, people can have quicker appointments. Also, with more GP's, doctors and nurses can work without rushing and panicking about their job.

Another thing on the matter, is the waiting times. Patients can wait for hours on end and can not be seen for at least 3 hours . This is not ok because if an injury starts not urgent then they have to wait for an hour then it gets worse then it gets worse again.Over the hours it will get worse and worse until it becomes urgent. If we cut waiting times more people get served and then more money for the NHS which they can spend on new equipment.

In the future, I wish that the mental-health services get boosted.This would change the way patients mood's are when they get served.If they are happy the easier the apiontment is. However, if they are angry or upset it makes the apiontment 10 times harder. If your well-being is good your mood will be great.

Further more, in the future I demand on having private provision ended.This is unfair to those who can't afford it. For instance, if someone who had the privalidge to have private provision had an injury less important that someone without that is unfair and everyone should be treated evenly. Knowmatter who you are you shold be treated the same.

My last point is that when the NHS spend their money they need to spend it on IT because it is slower than we would like it to be. If the IT is fast the service will be quicker then more pateintes can be seen.This would improve waiting times and apointment times. In affect this could find patients detail's quicker and it could improve the NHS just a bit to get the NHS better and the best.

I'm trying with all i've got but now i'ts your turn to help.If you vote for me i promise better service for you citizens at Hospitals whenever you go there.When all of these improvements go ahead the NHS will have better service and faster apointments,waiting times and so on.This is my NHS manifesto, thank you for listening.

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  • Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
    07 Apr 2020

    You cover lots of different areas here. Well done! Which do you think is most important to do now, and which can wait for 1-2 years?

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