My NHS Poem.

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The NHS, (Also known as the National Health Service.)

A service which is now ambushed by the Press, (The Press is another term for the News)

For a good purpose? (reason)

That, I am not certain.

However, there is something I am sure about,

Is that the NHS is in trouble,

If we do not take action, the NHS's dilemma may be as bad as a drought! (Every action comes with a reaction. Therefore, if we do anything to help the NHS, the outcome would be very bad, which is why I used the word 'drought' as it is very serious and unpleasant)

But who is to blame for this unsolved puzzle? (Who was the one who made the NHS be in the condition it is in now?)

The Government only gives them 20%, ( The government only gives them 20% of what they receive from income tax)

With a minuscule amount like that, the NHS's service quality wouldn't be that decent,

And then we're the ones to complain,

If most people don't have a sufficiently paid job, how much can the NHS entertain?

Is it the Government's stinginess or our laziness that is the cause of it all? ( I say stinginess as the government only gives a little percentage of their money to the NHS, which is quite selfish. I say laziness as if we were to work harder and get more well-paid, 20% of the government gives would be almost like 50%! In objection to my opinion, some people have chronic illnesses and disabilities, not to mention elderly people who are now on pension.)

Because, how can we go to school or be environment-friendly when healthcare is very paid small?

'The more the merrier!'

If the UK worked harder, the money would increase, but could the Government alter that, as they are more superior? (If the NHS gain more money, would the Government make their own changes, so that they don't earn more?)

But, why should we care about the NHS and how are they in trouble?

Being the only thing that keeps every British person alive and healthy, ( It is not public, meaning it's not just for the rich; it's for everyone.)

Due to the lack of money, keeping up with today's modern technology is a real struggle,

But, would the NHS become more selfish and arrogant if they were to be more wealthy?

On the other hand, that would be quite beneficial,

As it would be better to have one system instead of twenty-one for the patient(s),

However, their love could be artificial, (fake)

Is updated technology better than their genuine love for our nation?

'Money doesn't bring happiness'

If money does not give happiness, then how come we are happy when we feel better when we are sick?

Money was used to get that entity, so we would feel better really quick,

After all money has given to us, why should we give back nastiness?

However, money is capable to bring sadness,

Because it can put you in debt, (debt is when you have a large amount of money to pay in your bank and you can't buy anything unless you pay it off, e.g. a student loan would put a jobless person in debt.)

This may be why some working people can't pay their income tax, the amount is increasing like a magnet, ( Since the money to be able to pay income tax is £12,500 a person with a low-paid job would not be able to pay income tax because their money is not enough to pay it off and it would leave them with a large amount of money to pay off, which would be quite upsetting as instead of taking care of themselves and loved ones, they have to take care of the large amount of money that is in their bank account.)

However, people become jobless as they brought it upon themselves, and it sometimes will start with a cigarette, (This possibly can vary as a heavy smoke would bring it upon themselves as they smoke and it affects your lungs, not to mention the warning on the packet, whereas a farmer in a farm may experience back pain due to the work they have done. This [possibly could put them jobless depending on how severe the pain is; they have brung it upon themselves for a logical reason, to benefit their needs so they can provide things for themselves and loved ones.)

The more unhealthy things you put into your mouth, the more things you will be diagnosed with, ( This means that the more bad things you eat, you are more likely to have health problems, which is why the NHS has said that people with unhealthy lifestyles pay more towards the NHS as they would need it for treatment in the future.)

People with unhealthy lifestyles are supposed to pay more as they are more likely to have treatment,

Instead of taking it as advice, some take it as a myth, ( Some of the unhealthy consumers are quite stubborn and do not take the NHS's advice, and they tend to come up with lies and excuses of why the should shun the National Health Service's advice.)

This is why deaths in the UK are too frequent,

What would have been the difference if the NHS were to promote healthy choices?

This would make people more healthy and long-term illnesses would be avoided,

However, the NHS systems are very ancient and may not fit in with the 21st century,

Not to mention, it would be beneficial if it did not take 15 minutes to load one computer and have ones with better memory,

On the other hand, the cost would be expensive,

And how can they focus on new technology when they are struggling to get beds?

Plus, the fact that they cut 15,000 beds within 6 years is quite effective,

Especially as the new virus has come out, a waste of mattresses is what everyone dreads,

However, 100,000 job spaces for the NHS are not filled,

This may be the cause of why they didn't reach their 4-hour-target,

If they've got missing segments their brick wall, how can it grow taller? (If they can't accomplish the easy things, how can they move on onto harder ones. For example, if a building has holes in it, it will fall. But if it takes too long to build, it will come out of people's interest. That may be the same with the NHS, if they can't achieve simple targets, it would be time-wasting to go onto the more challenging ones. In addition, if the NHS take too long to accomplish one idea, patients would lose interest and go to other hospitals, mostly private. Homeless people cannot afford services like those - it even says in their name, they cannot even afford a home!)

The more people that work at the NHS, the waiting list will get smaller, (If there are more nurses, doctors, dentists and pharmacies, etcetera, the waiting list would be less giant and evolve into a smaller one as there are more hands to help.)

The NHS has a dilemma,

We are all victims as we are offenders, (We may have been hurt, but we have also been hurters)

Are we going to allow this problem to continue until it is as old as Vienna? (Are we going to sit back and watch this until it goes to the back of our minds and NOTHING has changed?)

Or are we going to stop this and become problem-suspenders? ( Are we going to stop this problem?)

The NHS,

A service which is now ambushed by the Press,

For a good purpose?

That, I am not certain.

Thank you for reading.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I may have used some of this reasoning in the past, but in this poem, I used it in different perspectives. My main concept used was open-mindedness as I tried to see both sides of my viewpoint and maybe a little bit of scepticism. I have put a large number of questions in for you, the reader, to answer. I, myself will also be answering them in the comment section. I used the brackets to expand on my viewpoints in case the reader (you) did not understand my point. This poem is more or less about what the NHS is experiencing, using the facts from our competitions, BNC discussions etcetera. I have also discussed what could be the solutions to all of this havoc, consisting of who is to blame, ways to solve it, etcetera. In conclusion, I have tried to be original with this. If I haven't please alert me. I am aware that balanced_singer has done something similar, I hope this is something different from that. Last but not least- Enjoy!

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