My NHS party!

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Hello and welcome, in this meeting I will be talking about the amount of money going into the NHS. This wll inclued the tecnology and staff.


The NHS is very short on staff. They serve over 1 million people at A&E in only 36 hours. To this date they are more streched than ever before as of the cronavirus, currantly 21,576 people hav died from it!


In the NHS tecnolagy is slow and unpredictable, peoples medical records are getting lost therefore they are not getting the right treatment. The NHS was founded in 1948 it is now 2020 and they are still using paper records as of the unpredictable tecnology.

If you are satisfyed with the reason above please vote for my party!

I promise that:

  • In the future people will get quicker anbulance service as the goverment will provide more money.
  • As more money is coming in more would go to staff and tecnolagy, therefore the hospitals would be stress free.

Thank you for listening !

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