My NHS manifesto

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Hello everyone my name is magnificent _cricket and this is my NHS manifesto.

Firstly I want to say that the population is getting older and higher and there is the same amount of NHS staff to care for them.So I promise to this is going to change because I will get poster up,charity event and to advertise the NHS.

Secondly, the IT system are poor and the NHS have to log on to about 15 different system for one operation.This needs to change so if we take some of the money from the charity events to spend on the IT .

Also if we promote healthy choices it we reduce the amount of illness across the 🇬🇧.On the mental side of things it will make you healther and happier.We could do this by putting less alcohol in drinks .

I also want to say that private health care is growing and they put money first then people but the NHS puts people first then money.Sometimes private health care does not give you the same amount of treatment than the NHS.

Over all the NHS does not have enough money in general so this is why I promise to make more charity events than ever for more medcine .

I promise all of this will happen and if we can't limit the IT systems to one or two we will make it to 3 or 4.

Bye, have a great day🙂

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