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Good morning, I am brilliant_ibex and I am here to talk about the NHS manifesto for the BNC.

The first problem we would solve is that the NHS are spending too much money on medicine. Companies might be producing the right amount of medicine for the UK, but are people stockpiling? Millions of pounds of medicines are thrown away every year which needs to stop.

Secondly, the second problem is that NHS are still failing to reach their targets, especially for A&E waiting times. In December 2019, every major A&E unit failed to hit its target. If we were in government, we would help the NHS and its trusts to find ways of achieving their targets or making substantial improvements.

There's a big importance in promoting healthier lifestyle choices as more than 28% of the adults in the UK are obese; this is almost 3 times worse than it was in 1975. If this number could be reduced, many illnesses could be prevented. More and more treatments and operations are happening and taking up NHS time because of unhealthy lifestyles. If people take greater responsibility for their own health, this will help the NHS most of all.

The NHS is at breaking point. They are in need of more staff and more resources. Also, the government are currently not giving them extra money to pay staff. I will get the government to give more money to the NHS to make a huge difference to workload and lack of resources.

This will work because together, we can stop the NHS from shutting down and being overun.

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