My NHS manifesto

Greetings. My name is determined tree. I am a member of the Benificial National Community, and I am here today to tell you about my NHS manifesto.

Firstly, the NHS have to spend lots of money on patients, so they do not have enough to afford other things. For example, the population is growing older. In 2016, 18% of people were 65 or older, and that number is growing. This means that, because older people tend to have more complicated health problems and if someone is 65 or over they do not pay for treatment themselves, the NHS are having to spend increasing amounts of money on expensive medicines and care. We promise that we won't let the national healthcare service down, by donating more money to provide lots of support.

The next thing we want to change is, hospitals are failing to treat patients fast enough, so people end up waiting long periods of time to get any form of help with their problem. In December 2019, for the first time, every major major A&E unit did not manage to hit the waiting time target of up to an hour per person. If elected, we will build more hospitals and hire more staff to manage and treat more and more patients in less and less time!

Also, the IT systems are painfully slow and outdated. They are poor and badly connected. They have tried to fix it before, but as it is an ongoing problem, that did not work. As we are loyal to the NHS, we will invest money in modernising the IT systems at least once every three months, keeping it updated.

Sometimes, we are the problem... people are not making healthy choices. More and more illnesses are caused by unhealthy lifestyles, which is increasing demand on services. A whopping 28% of adults in the UK are obese, and globally nearly three times as many people are obese than in 1975! We have got to stop this. So, we will spend money on promoting healthy choices, and recruit staff to teach people how to stay healthy and eat the right foods.

And what doesn't help at all is the NHS do not have enough staff. They are at breaking point. There were more than 97,000 vacancies in October-December 2019. That is a lot of missing people! We promise that we will provide free training for the whole next generation, meaning people will be more keen to help, and will reduce strain.

You can count on us to save the National Healthcare Service, and we will push hard until we reach our goal! If the NHS shuts down or anything goes wrong, we will take the blame, and be fully responsible. So please vote my party in. We are doing this for the NHS. We are doing this for you. thank you for reading my manifesto speech. 😀

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